Strand proposes after-school program through the school

The proposed after-school program between the Bowman County School and the Rex Center fell through due to a lack of interest, with the No. 1 issue being contributed to cost, according to Bowman County Elementary School Principal Mitch Strand.

By Chris Slone

However, Strand proposed an after-school homework program, which would begin Jan. 3. The Bowman County School Board unanimously approved the proposal.

Strand said the program would be staffed by one paraprofessional or teacher, and possibly additional personnel on a trial basis.

According to Strand, there are already four or five teachers that regularly stay after school on their own time, working with their students until 4 p.m. His proposed after-school program would run from 3:15-4 p.m.

“There is a need in our school for a program to help with kids and their homework,” Strand said. “The reality is that not every student has a parent at home that can assist with homework due to work schedules and other situations.”

The program would be available to grades K through sixth. Students could be referred by a teacher or a parent form would need to be submitted to the school.

The commons area in Roosevelt would be reserved for the program. However, Strand emphasized the program would only be for students who had homework to finish. Once their homework was completed, they could either call their parents to pick them up or walk home. Strand said the program was not a babysitting club.

“This would not only help our students who need the extra help, but it would also take some responsibility off our teacher’s plates who are currently staying after school,” Strand said. “There teachers were never asked to give up their time to work after school with our kids, they just know how much our students need the extra support and they do it own their own.”