Harr receives grant; eyes mobile lab

Jennifer Harr, second-grade teacher for Bowman County Schools, applied for a grant from Continental Resources. She explained how she would improve the future of learning in her classroom and what area she would use the grant towards.

By Chris Slone

Harr said she wrote about how she would love to see more hands-on science in second grade.

“I would use the money to purchase a new science curriculum and some hands-on science materials,” Harr said. “I would love to see a mobile lab in my classroom, or some lab equipment we could have to explore more in science.”

Harr received $2,500 from Continental Resources.

“I plan on using it for the science curriculum,” Harr said. “I would love to have a mobile lab that has tons of hands-on activities to put into our classroom that we can even pass back and fourth between the two second grades classrooms. We’re all about hands on. Anything that we can get the kids to get their hands dirty and messy, that’s our goal.

“The current science curriculum doesn’t provide any hands-on opportunities. I find a lot of hand-on activities online. Having this mobile cart on our classroom would prevent me from having to do that extra digging and it would be right in my classroom to use.”

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