Life on the Outside

After the adventure with the different power chair I was supposed to stay in the house, but I may have been spotted at a local supermarket! It was essential that I shop for food items for Thanksgiving week. Besides, when a girl wants to browse, that compulsion MUST be satisfied.

Yvonne Stegner
Special Contributor

Now the challenge of getting my oldest daughter to create what I am desiring to produce in the kitchen. She proclaims that she has no inclination to become proficient in the kitchen (or garden, as she informed me during the summer). For me, I am convinced that a large portion of the attraction of doing these things with her is listening to her vehement complaints about how “pointless” these efforts are!

After making a chocolate pie and pumpkin cake I informed my daughter that we should clean up our mess. She placed the dirty dishes in the sink, and I stated that we should wash them. She said “Why? Don’t we pay for kitchen help?”, and I replied “Because I was responsible for the soiled dishes”. She stated “You can’t wash them,” to which I countered “Just watch me.” Washing a few dishes was simply energizing. My daughter thought I was weird, but I felt so good doing that simple chore!

Ecumenical Thanksgiving service held at St Charles Catholic Church this year was a reminder to count our blessings, of which I have many. As a radio station I like to listen to proclaims, just awakening each morning is a privilege to be thankful for. The musical selections provided by each church were uplifting to hear.

After 3 solid days of family, fun, and fantastic food, I was grateful to close Thanksgiving weekend with a quiet Sunday at home. What a Thanksgiving – I was blessed to spend time with all 5 of my children, I was privileged to take in the natural beauty and inhale the refreshing air of South Dakota’s Cave Hills, and I delighted in the camaraderie shown by those around me.

The next weekend built on the fun of the previous weekend! I was overwhelmed by the musical talent displayed in Bowman’s “Down-Home Country Christmas”, my first opportunity to partake of the show put on by Brent Voigt & Friends. The following morning I shopped at the Southwest Healthcare’s annual Christmas bazaar, and savored a warm piece of fresh lefse with “the works” (butter, sugar, and cinnamon). That Sunday I felt pride as I appreciated the 60th annual Christmas concert presented by Ron Bowman’s Community Chorus and Lynn Brackel’s Saxy Brass. Being a former member of both groups, I have to admit that I miss being part of the excitement of presenting “Bowman’s unofficial start of the Christmas season”, but I am blessed and contented to be in the audience reveling in the musical gifts given by so many fine folks.

I still find it hard to believe that I am mobile again! God is so good! And to think that I requested prayer at Thursday night worship & Bible study for my situation, and 3 short days later I was informed that a power wheelchair might be available for my use. Since my right extremities are still too weak to help power a manual wheelchair, and I like to aid with housework and “do what I can”, a working power chair is a real blessing.

Contentment was spoken about at adult Sunday school in Dickinson some time ago. Although I can’t walk anymore, I find contentment in small things, like seeing the same person bicycle past the house frequently, and delighting in dogs’ heads hanging out the windows of vehicles as their owners drive past. More to come on being contented…