Killdeer police investigate Coal Country bomb threat

A bomb threat made to Coal Country’s organization prompted a police response throughout Coal Country’s different clinics Thursday.

By: Brad Mosher and Chris Slone
Country Media

According to Darrold Bertsch, CEO of Coal Country Community Health, the organization received an email saying there was a package that had a bomb in it. The email was generally addressed to the business, not specific to any areas of the organization.

“It was just a generic, general email but of course, we took it seriously,” Bertsch said.

Coal Country evacuated all four clinics in Hazen, Beulah, Dunn Center and Killdeer.

“Law enforcement came, they did a search and then they cleared the respective clinics,” Bertsch said. “We just wanted to make sure that our staff and patients were safe, so we evacuated those areas.”

According to a Killdeer Police Department spokesman, the Coal Country Clinic in Killdeer was evacuated and inspected as a precaution after the medical facility received the bomb threat shortly after 10:45 a.m.

After inspecting the building, the workers were allowed to reenter the building.

“These kinds of scenarios require us to take these things seriously, and make sure the safety of our staff and our patients are at the forefront,” Bertsch said.

Bertsch said Coal Country is going to review the evacuations to determine if the company needs to make any changes to its evacuation policy.

“What we are going to do is autopsy this and see how this all worked at the different clinics because it’s not something we deal with very often or at all,” Bertsch said. “So, we’re going to make sure we review how the process went and make any tweaks for the future should we need to do something like this again, which I hope isn’t for another 25 years.”

NBC reported Thursday that a wave of bomb threats were reported against businesses, schools, hospitals and other places across the country. So far, all have appeared to be hoaxes.

As of yet, there is no evidence that the threat was part of the series of bomb threats made around the county, the police spokesman said.

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