The School Scoop

Giving you the monthly scoop on what’s happening at schools in Bowman County

Thank you Chris and the Bowman County Pioneer for allowing me to give an update of all the great things happening at Bowman County Elementary Schools at both Bowman and Rhame campuses.  I have only been here for five short months, but I cannot express how thankful I am for everyone in the community for making me feel welcome here in Bowman.  I am truly blessed to work with such a great staff at Bowman County Schools. I wanted to take a moment to explain some of the new things we have going on this year and some ideas for the future as well.

This past year, Bowman County staff researched a new math curriculum to use for grades K-5.  Last year, the district chose Math Expressions as our new Math Curriculum.  This summer, we had a representative from Expressions train our entire staff for a full day.  At first, there were some bumps, but the staff have gotten comfortable with the program.  As with any new curriculum, the administration team will evaluate our data to ensure that the new program is resulting in growth in our students.

In grades K-3, our staff have been busy at working on new standards for our report cards.  Our report cards haven’t been changed in 10 years, and with the State of North Dakota adopting new standards, we felt our school needed to update our standards.  Along with this, we are working together as a staff to improve our standards-based reporting. In grades 4-6, our staff are working on selecting a science curriculum for grades K-6.  Currently, we do not have a curriculum that all staff uses. By having a shared curriculum, there would be more continuity in our Science Program.

Looking forward to the future, there are some big ideas that we are evaluating.  The possibility of adding a Pre-School to Bowman County Schools is a topic that we are currently researching.  Currently we are in communication with other school districts in the area that house a Pre-School to help us formulate a plan. This is something that is still in the planning process, but if there are any community input on the subject, I would love to hear from you!

Some parents may have heard your children using colors to describe their mood. This is from an emotional-program that is currently be used by Mrs. Gerbig and some teachers in the lower grades.  Staff will be trained on this later this year during two separate early dismissals to help strengthen the program used by Mrs. Gerbig

Again, thank you to everyone in the community for making me feel so welcome here at Bowman County Schools! Thank you to our wonderful and caring staff that work day and night for your children.  I ensure you that your children are receiving a top-notch education here at Bowman County Schools, and that is due to our tremendous staff.  I invite any input from stakeholders in the community.  Feel free to contact me in person, via email, or phone.  Go ‘Dawgs!