Pastors Corner: Celebrate Hope

The first week of Advent, the week we celebrate HOPE as we light the first Advent candle of the season. The story of our HOPE begins in the book of Genesis where it is recorded that God became impatient with the wickedness of the people and there was a great flood.

Jackie Bloom,
Bowman Lutheran Church

God chose Noah to reestablish the people once again and gave him instructions to build an ark to carry animals of every kind so they could ride out the storm. When the waters receded, Noah sent forth a dove and when the dove returned with an olive branch, he knew the time had come for them to leave the sanctuary of the ark.

God provided a dynamic rainbow to symbolize the new beginning God gives to God’s people. Our HOPE is in God who promises to watch over us forever. Our HOPE continues always in God as now we await the birth of God’s only Son, Jesus! All earth is hopeful, the Savior comes at last! Have a Blessed Advent!