Cub Scouts donate time to Salvation Army

It’s that time of year again. A snow-covered ground, Christmas movies are playing nonstop and the familiar ring of the Salvation-Army bell can be heard throughout the town.

By Chris Slone

The season of giving has arrived once again. And Saturday, Dec. 1, the cub scouts were donating their time, ringing the Salvation Army bell as they were learning what it means to give back instead of always receiving.

“It’s nice to see the boys coming out here and bell ringing,” Doug Langhoff, scout leader, said. “It’s very important to show the kids that this is how we help out others when they’re down on their luck. At this young age, they just love coming out here and doing this, and it’s just awesome.”

Langhoff said the money raised through the Salvation Army goes back into the community.

“When we have folks that need help, we can get salvation funds for them,” Langhoff said. “Individuals that come through that might be down on their luck, the money can help with hotel rooms, gas, food, that kind of stuff.”

According to Langhoff, anyone who needs assistance can visit the sheriff’s office or social services to request help.

Langhoff said volunteering for the Salvation Army and ringing the bell to kick off the Christmas season is because people are just getting into the Christmas spirit and are more apt to help the worthy cause.


The Bowman Cub Scouts also have a Christmas Tree Stand, with the proceeds going to the cub scouts for camping gear and other items the cub scouts might needs throughout the year. Langhoff said the cub scouts started with 105 trees and they currently have 31 left.

“We’re at the break-even point, so everything we make now will go to the cub scouts, toward camping gear and other things to do with the cub scouts,” Langhoff said.

Langhoff said the scouts always try to sell items to raise the funds they need.

“We have popcorn sales, but the FFA also sells fruit, the girl scouts sale cookies,” Langhoff said. “We’ve always got somebody selling something, so when we bring in something like the Christmas tree stand, it’s something that everybody wants but it’s not something everybody provides. We try to take the niche and use it to our advantage to get more money for the cub scouts to buy more stuff like camping gear because it is expensive.

“Parents put in a lot of time and money for their boys to be in cub scouts, so if we can cut the, ‘Hey, we need more money from you,’ that’s the way to do it.”