Scranton donates 55 pounds of food

FBLA – Submitted Photo

Scranton High School charged an entry fee for a Pep-Club dance held November 2. The end result was 55 pounds worth of food.

By Chris Slone

The Pep Club took their donations and added it to the FBLA and National Honor Society food drives held at the school. The food was donated to the Bowman County Food Pantry and the Adams County Food Bank.

“I thought it was a good idea just to give back to our community because our community provides so much to our school,” Quinn Mellmer, high school student, said. “When we do our fundraisers, everyone chips in. I feel like we are a really tight community so it was nice to give back and do something for them.”

According to Briana Sanford, the Pep Club dance was the perfect way to involve all the Scranton students in the food drive.

“We’ve always wanted to do a dance through Pep Club, so it was kind of fun to watch all of the students get excited for that,” Sanford said. “We also invited Hettinger to it. All of the kids got super excited walking in. They all knew what it was like giving back to the community as well. So, it was just fun to see everybody get together and want to do that.”

Mellmer said the importance of the timing of the food drive was perfect with the holiday season approaching. 

“I think that was especially good for our community, just because the people that need it can get the food they need and celebrate in their own way to have a special holiday with their family,” Mellmer said.