Bowman County receives $2,500 grant

Amy Burke, a kindergarten teacher at Bowman County, applied for a $2,500 grant to improve the quality education provided to her students.

By Chris Slone

Burke was awarded that grant through Continental Cares: Funding the Future Grant. According to the organization, Continental Cares is passionate about investing in the education of the future leaders.

Burke said she was at a Kindergarten conference when she heard about the device and the benefit of supplementing it to the current curriculum.

“I am grateful for Continental Resources and their generosity to our school,” Burke said. “It will not only benefit the kindergarten classroom but all students. It can help increase vocabulary, letter recognition, sentence comprehension, math skills and so much more. We purchased a cart with it so it is not limited to one area, but can travel to different classrooms. 

“This is very exciting for our school. I wish I could take total credit for it; however other teachers played a huge role too. It just happened that my name was on the submission.”

The device is called “Letter for life.” It’s a device that connects to the current smart boards in the school. If the classroom is talking about the letter “C” and the teacher uses a cow for an example, the cow will pop out toward the classroom. Also, if they class is working on sentence structure and they are talking about a cow running, the device will show that cow running.

“(Burke) was extremely excited and I am excited to see what it can do in our classrooms,” Mitch Strand, Bowman County elementary school principal, said. “If it’s something that we look at for a couple of years and we see it’s beneficial, then maybe we put some money aside and look at adding more devices.”