Hat Tips

Hello, It seems to me that the world is spinning faster than it used to.  I suppose that happens as you age.  You just write about the fourth of July and it’s Veteran’s Day.  Then finish an article and it’s Thanksgiving.  Then Christmas pops up.  I think I’m going to fly off!

Guest Columnist

I had an interesting week.  Was invited to read a few columns and give a little talk at a nursing home in Garrison.  I haven’t been to Garrison since the late sixties I would guess.  And as they say, if you remember the sixties, you weren’t there.  Anyway, I haven’t done much public speaking for a number of years.  As usual, I didn’t prepare a speech.  it’s a two and half hour drive.  I could prepare and practice on the way.  But it was so nice.  I enjoyed seeing combines work on those last corn fields.  I enjoyed seeing cows out grazing.  I enjoyed driving across the dam.  I enjoyed seeing a few fisherman out on the tailrace.  I enjoyed a lot of stuff, but I didn’t really work on my talk.   I kind of drifted off.

But I would be about a half hour early.  I could grab a cup of coffee and come up with something.  I used to be good at that.  Used to be.  I was having coffee and preparing to go down to the dining hall when a wonderful lady came up in a walker to visit.  She remembered me from years past!  And I was sure I recognized her.  It could have been an old legislative friends wife.  It could have been someone from my campaign days decades ago.  She told how I had visited their house.  I remembered and asked how she had been doing.

She explained to the person assisting her that I had given her her first colonoscopy!  And then she explained to her assistant that we had played organ together at the church.  I am an old cowboy that has done a lot of things over the years.  I thank her for reminding me.

I want to thank everyone there!  I had a great time, made some new friends, and enjoyed walking around downtown.  I hope to get back for the Dickens festival.

As you read this, it is probably Thanksgiving, or just past.  And I’ve a few things I want to take a minute and be thankful for.

This past week was a big one for our family.  Susy, our four month old granddaughter, underwent her second open heart surgery.  We call her Super Susy.  She takes after her Grandma Sue, and Grandma Shirley.  She came through the surgery in flying colors.  As I write this, she is expected to get out of intensive care today.  Susy has a long road ahead, but she’s the toughest and prettiest girl I know.  Sorry Gracy.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.

At the same time Susy was in surgery, Grandma Shirley was having a knee replaced.  Like Susy, she is tough.  She is back home, healing up, and I am confident that soon , very soon I hope, she will be carrying two buckets with each hand, across frozen ground, feeding horses and calves.

That same week our son-in-law Matt was having eye surgery.  And he is back hauling hay, chasing cows, and being a Dad to his kids and his three nephews.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Dean

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