Bowman students serve vets

Bowman high school students treat veterans to their traditional lunch and appreciation program.

Bowman County High School held its traditional veterans’ program and lunch Thursday, Nov. 8.

By Chris Slone

The speaker was William Henderson, originally from Scranton, who served in Vietnam. His main theme was about how veterans typically don’t like to share their experiences. He even wrote a book on the topic, which he shared during the speech.

According to high-school teacher Jason Waskiewicz, Henderson talked about how a true veteran is often resistant to say anything and it’s important for their family and for others to know what they’ve been through.

After the presentation, the veterans in attendance had lunch at the school — with high-school students serving them.

“The veterans always have a huge part in this community obviously,” Abby Smyle, junior, said. “For us to serve them, that just shows that we are giving back to them and doing things for them that they did for us a long time ago. It’s just a really good thing for us to do for them.

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“They have many stories that are beyond my mind. They are just horrible things to think about that they went through for us and for our country to be independent.”

Those sentiments were echoed by fellow student Elise Fischer.

“It means a lot to us because they sacrificed a lot in their lives,” Fischer said. “So, doing something simple like serving them and giving back to them to let them know we appreciate them in the community is the least we can do.

“You don’t really realize all the things they’ve been through.”

Parker Lambourn had two grandfathers who were veterans, so it was special for him to be able to serve other veterans.

“It means a lot. Both of my grandpas served in the army and I try to do what I can to help them out,” Lambourn said. It means a lot.

“I was never there. I could never realize what they went through, but it makes me respect what they did. To hear their stories and the hardships they experienced, it makes me feel for them.”