Alexius Miller Leads Bowman County with All-State Performance

2018 became a year of resurgence for the Bowman County Girls Cross Country team as the girls raced their way back on to the state podium with a 4th place team finish.  The race and the outcome came as a shock to most, but the 10 young women who ran the race knew right where they belonged.  The bulldogs never cracked into the top 5 of the coaches poll, and continually used that as motivation toward their final goal. 
In similar fashion, the bulldogs were led by All-State runner Alexius Miller, who finished in 20th place.  “Alexius has led us most of the year, and we needed her to do that again.  Our youth behind her needed to key off of someone, and Alexius did exactly what we needed.”  Stated coach Jonathan Jahner.  The youth came in the form of 7th grader Kenley Bowman and 8th grader Paysha Rex, who finished in 23rd and 37th respectively.  Throughout the race, the bulldogs used their strength and experience, built on hilly West Region courses, to dominate the last mile of the race.  “The last mile is a challenging one, and I thought our girls ran a very smart strategic race.” Added Coach Jahner.  “We passed a lot of runners in that last mile.”  While the top three Dawgs got out fast and held on, the 4-6 runners used the strong finish to do their damage.  Abigail Bartholomay concluded her career with a 63rd place finish, while Vanessa Fischer placed 75th to round out the scoring.  With the scorers in, the bulldogs relied on 7th grader Alexia Reisenauer’s 78th place finish to push other competitors back.  Behind Reisenauer, Becki Fuchs also concluded her career with a 186th place finish.  Also running for the Dawgs was Jocelyn Kulseth (202nd), McKaylee Kalstrom (203rd), and Kaylee Kinsey (221st).  The ladies knew is was going to take a great race by all 10 of their runners, and that is just what they got.  9 of the 10 runners set season best marks on their way to their 4th place finish.  46 teams and 243 girls ran at the state meet making it the 2nd largest meets in state history.  Full Results can be found at the Bowman County Cross Country Webpage or

Bulldog Individual Results

Place Athlete Time

20 Alexius Miller 20:30.29

23 Kenley Bowman 20:55.08

37 Paysha Rex 21:15.96

63 Abigail Bartholomay 22:07.97

75 Vanessa Fischer 22:25.26

78 Alexia Reisenauer 22:26.13

185 Becki Fuchs 26:12.08

202 Jocelyn Kulseth 26:35.61

203 McKaylee Kalstrom 26:35.68

221 Kaylee Kinsey 27:35.76

NDHSAA Class B Team Results

  1. Hillsboro-Central Valley     102
  2. Rugby                                      120
  3. Mayville-Portland-C.G.         197
  4. Bowman County                    218
  5. New Town                             231