Stafford ‘kills’ Killdeer in Bowman County Sweep

Bowman County’s Elle Stafford dominated the net in Thursday’s three-set sweep of Killdeer, hammering 20 kills past the Cowgirls.

By Brad Mosher

Stafford finished with four more kills than the entire Killdeer squad.

She was helped by Jill Svihovec’s 28 assists.

Killdeer started off strong before falling by a 25-23 margin the first set.

The Lady Bulldogs (3-2, 1-1) followed that win with two more (25-15 and 25-14) to grab the 3-0 victory and improve the team’s record to 1-1 in Region 7 play and 3-2 overall.

The loss dropped Killdeer to 4-2 overall and 1-1 in regional play, according to the results posted by the NDHSAA.

For Killdeer, Kylee Boltz and Elissa Steffan each finished with three kills to lead the home team at the net. Megan Olsen, Myranda Reiss, Steena Larsen, Chelsey Morlock and Brooke Bang each had two kills.

Larsen led the team with eight assists and 11 digs.

Olsen finished with two blocks, while Steffan led the team in aces with two.

After hosting Richardton-Taylor Tuesday and traveling to Hebron Thursday to play Glen Ullin/Hebron, the team will spend Saturday in Dickinson for a tournament at Dickinson High School.

The Killdeer squad will travel to Beach (Sept. 25), then travel to Washburn for a tournament Sept. 29 before returning home for an Oct. 2 battle against Heart River.

Killdeer     23   15   14

Bowman   25   25   25



Kills:  Ellie Stafford 20, Abby Smyle 4, Kira Irons 4

Assists: Jill Svihovec 28

Digs: Maury Burke 13, Abby Smyle 10, Ellie Stafford 7

Blocks: Ellie Stafford 5, Kira Irons 2

Aces: Amy Jeffers 2


Kills: Kylee Boltz 3, Elissa Steffan 3, Megan Olsen 2, Myranda Reiss 2, Steena Larsen 2, Chelsey Morlock 2, Brooke Bang 2

Assists: Steena Larsen 8, Chelsey Morlock 7, Myranda Reiss 1

Digs: Steena Larsen 11, Elissa Steffan 10, Kylee Boltz 9, Chelsey Morlock 9, Madison Wilhelm 5, Faith Dukart 4, Brooke Bang 4, Myranda Reiss 2, Megan Olsen 1

Blocks: Megan Olsen 2

Aces: Elissa Steffan 3, Madison Wilhelm 2, Steena Larsen 2, Kylee Boltz 1