Bucholz leaves school board after 14 years

Kevin Bucholz adjourned his last meeting, stood at the head of the table as he was handed a plaque and congratulated for his dedication over the past 14 years as a Bowman County School Board member.

By Chris Slone

As fellow board member Russ Homelvig handed him the small token of appreciation, Homelvig summed up Bucholz with one small statement.

“You’re a class act,” Homelvig said.

After the applause, Bucholz took an opportunity to express his gratitude.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve with all of you on the board for the past 14 years, 12 years and three months as the chair,” Bucholz said.

Bucholz took a moment to talk about the facility, stating how everyone who’s involved should be proud. Then, he moved on to the individuals who run the school.

“Our administration, our teachers and our support staff — second to none,” Bucholz said. “I’m very grateful for the staff that we have to take care of our students.”

Bucholz also addressed the board.

“I really appreciate all the efforts you all have put in,” Bucholz said. “The public doesn’t always see that, but I know the efforts. The last few months have been quite challenging for all of us. I’d say out of those 14 years, it’s been the most challenging for me anyways.”

Last, but not least and before he was finished thanking people, he addressed his wife and the business manager for the school board Debbie Bucholz.

“For 12 years of this, she did all the chores at home so I could come to all the extra meetings,” Kevin Bucholz said. “Little did she know that the discussions about school funding and how mills work and levies, and all that kind of stuff would come into play. I would like to thank her for all that she’s done.”

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