2018 State Average Winners:

Bareback:    Tanner Berger

Break Away:     Abby Hepper

Tie Down Roping:   Tanner Kress

Barrel Racing:   Cashae McGee

Steer Wrestling:   Riley Reiss

Saddle Bronc:      Morgan Rising

Goat Tying:    Rebekah Nottestad

Team Roping:     Jory Boote and Riley Staton

Pole Bending:     Sydney Mosset

Boys Cutting:    Caydon Roshau

Girls Cutting:      Anna Jorgenson

Reined Cow Horse:    Claire Schaffer


2018 State Finals Short Go Winners:

Bareback:   Ben Kramer

Break Away:   Rebekah Nottestad

Tie Down Roping:   Keenan Pierce

Barrel Racing:     Abby Hepper

Steer Wrestling:  Garret Arndorfer

Saddle Bronc:     Tayte Goodman

Goat Tying:    Chanci Kraft

Team Roping:     Reese Hennessy and Mason Bice

Pole Bending:    Sierra Schott

Boys Cutting:      Cody Tokach

Girls Cutting:      Anna Jorgenson

Reined Cow Horse:      Anna Jorgenson


Champion: Ben Kramer   Reserve: Tanner Berger


Champion: Morgan Foss   Reserve: Rebekah Nottestad     3rd: Anna Jorgenson   4th: Abby Hepper

Tie Down:

Champion: Colton Carlson Reserve: Shane Sorge 3rd: Tanner Kress 4th Keaton Rustad

Barrel Racing:

Champion: Abby Hepper   Reserve: Cashae McGee  3rd: Lauren Topp 4th: Trista Hovde

Steer Wrestling:

Champion: Garret Andorfer  Reserve: Keenan Pierce 3rd: Riley Reiss 4th: Justin Inglis

Saddle Bronc;

Champion: Morgan Rising Reserve: Tayte Goodman 3rd; Sage Kvien  4th: Jake Leppell

Goat Tying:

Champion: Madison Rotenberger Reserve: Molly Rotenberger 3rd: Lauren Topp 4th Chanci Kraft

Team Roping;

Champion: Nevada Berquist & Jesse Chase Reserve:   Clayton backhaus & Payson Cvancara 3rd: Shane Sorge & Ty Thomas   4th: Clay Gerhardt & Caydon Roshau

Pole Bending:

Champion: Sydney Mosset Reserve: Cassidy Davidson 3rd: Anna Jorgenson 4th Kelly Bang

Bull Riding:

Champion: Morgan Rising   Reserve:   Carson Houser   3rd: Tanner Balliet   4th: Jayden Hicks

Girls Cutting:

Champion: Anna Jorgenson   Reserve: Josie Wicks  3rd: Karly Bang 4th: Abby Hepper

Boys Cutting:  

Champion: Caydon Roshau   Reserve: Cody Tokach 3rd: Parker Sandstrom 4th Clay Gerhardt

Reined Cow Horse:

Champion: Claire Schaffer Reserve: Anna Jorgenson 3rd: Sierra Ellingson 4th: Haley Vollmer

Rifle Shoot:

Champion: Tymber Boldt   Reserve: Chaysen Boldt 3rd: Holden Grann  4th: Chanci Kraft

Trap Shoot:

Champion: Clayton Backhaus   Reserve; Cade Korslien 3rd: Ethan Graner  4th: Payson Cvancara

Girls All Around: Champion: Anna Jorgeson Reserve: Abby Hepper

Boys All Around: Champion: Shane Sorge   Reserve: Caydon Roshau

The 1st and 2nd Gos results were not available. Check next week’s Pioneer for additional results and Rodeo pictures.