Giving Hearts Day

Heart appears outside Southwest Healthcare building.
(Photo Courtesy of Lyn James)

Heart cannot be misplaced. It’s often vulnerable, soft — it can sometimes be broken — but everyone has a tender, loving heart guiding them through a world of infinite possibilities.

By Chris Slone

A gentle heart was created to love and make dreams come true. While those two things are not always synonymous with each other, a giving heart knows no boundaries.

Once again, the residents of Bowman, Slope and Harding Counties had an opportunity to show their hearts during the second annual Giving Hearts Day.

In Bowman, a bake sale and silent auction was held at Southwest Healthcare to raise money as part of Giving Heart Days, through the combined partnership of the hospital and the Sunrise foundation.

Eileen Sather (Submitted Photo)

Barbie Narum, sunrise foundation director, said the community support during the fundraiser was excellent.

“I’m very pleased. The board has worked hard. I’ve worked hard. I’ve had a lot of volunteers that have helped,” Narum said. “The community has been wonderful. Anyone who I’ve asked to help or asked to bring baked goods, they’ve stepped up. Anyone I’ve asked to donate a basket to the silent auction has said yes. We have a very, very giving community.”

Giving Heart’s Day is the biggest fundraiser the Sunrise Foundation puts on throughout the year. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for new graduates to be able to make student loan repayments or for high-school students, the money goes toward scholarships.

The theme for Giving Heart’s Day this year was “Every Gift Counts.” And the mission of the Sunrise Foundation is to provide financial assistance and support to all aspects of healthcare in our service area.

Agnes Kitzan, left, Margie Hande (chairman of the Sunrise Foundation board), right. (Submitted Photo)