Local DJ tries to keep everyone moving, grooving and having a good time

Born and raised in Bowman, Brock White started DJing when he was in the seventh grade. (Photo provided by Frenz Fotography)

Whether he’s pumping out music at a wedding or a school dance or calling bingo on TV, Brock White always wants everyone to have fun.

The Dickinson Press

Born and raised in Bowman, White actually started DJing when he was in the seventh grade.

“I was the kid that had the big music collection and they asked me to DJ the junior high dance,” he said. “They gave me free pop and candy and I said, ‘All right, cool.’ So I did junior high dances growing up and I even did a few weddings when I was in high school for people around Bowman.”

White came to Dickinson for college, but quickly figured out it wasn’t the best fit and went into the workforce instead. He has had many jobs, including working in retail and selling cars at Dan Porter Motors in Dickinson. He started to DJ professionally in 2005 with K-Hook.

White said he never thought about making a career out of DJing until a few years in and he believed he was good at it.

“People are always getting married, there’s always birthday parties, there’s always holidays,” he said. “I just kind of put my flag in the ground and kind of went for it, I guess.”

After buying into K-Hook and owning it for a few years, White was constantly getting phone calls on the side to play at weddings and other venues, so he decided to start his own business called Brock White Entertainment.

“It was busy enough to keep me going and there seems to be a demand to do it,” White said.

He said he spends nearly every weekend traveling across the southwest part of the state, and occasionally makes trips to Billings, Minneapolis and Denver, Colo.

“Usually it’s Friday, Saturday on the road doing something,” he said. “Wintertime we switch from weddings to company parties, and you kind of gear back into school dances in the spring then to weddings into the late spring and summer and even into fall.”

While White has gigs year-round, his busiest time of year is from June into the fall when he travels from wedding to wedding.

No matter what kind of event he’s doing, whether it’s a wedding, school dance or community event, White said his ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun. He said he plays a variety of songs to help everyone have a good time.

“When I DJ, it’s always been my goal to make grandma and grandpa happy and the young kids happy, the little kids, the old kids, the early teens and adults,” he said. “… It’s not about what I want to hear, it’s about what everyone else wants to hear.”

White said there’s a science behind DJing. When he walks into a room, he checks it out to see how people are dressed. If there are lots of cowboy hats and boots, he’ll break out the Garth Brooks music. If everyone is wearing nice suits and bowties, he might play some Stevie Wonder. Either way, White said you have to know when to play the right music to get people to have a great time, but also not wear them out too quickly.

“You don’t want to start your night on the top of the roller coaster. You want to build up to it,” he said. “So you start off and you come up and make one of the big loops then you come down and breathe a little bit. Then you come up and down and make a loop. Then at the very end of the night when it’s about time to go, you go all the way up for the big last drop and you go all the way up and then you drop and you go home and you’re done.”

In addition to being a DJ, White has dabbled in the world of television. He has hosted “Blackout Bingo” on Consolidated’s Channel 18 for the past several seasons and has also co-hosted a football show called “End Zone” for the last few years. He also co-hosted the news show “InSight” with former Dickinson Press Managing Editor Dustin Monke, which he said was one the “proudest things” he’s put on TV. White started to work with Consolidated through friend and mentor Ron Rhoades, who worked at the company.

Rhoades said working with White has been a lot of fun.

“Everybody calls him a giant teddy bear and he is,” Rhoades said. “He’s a people person. He’ll bend over backwards to help you out with anything, and he’s the fun party guy everybody wants to be friends with.”

Rhoades said even though he helped to “show him the ropes” when White started off in the DJing business, White quickly started to succeed.

“He took it from there and the sky’s the limit (for him),” Rhoades said.

White said this year will be his last year doing “End Zone” and “Blackout Bingo,” but he still plans on taking new ideas to Consolidated.

“I feel like I’ve kind of reached my full potential with those shows, so I want to try and do something else,” he said. “… I’m always thinking of things to try and things to create. Maybe I’ll do something on YouTube, I don’t know. Whatever hits me. … Something might just come to me and I might want to try it. I always liked the challenge of ground upping something.”

Rhoades said White is known as “Bingo Brock” around town thanks to his success with “Blackout Bingo.” One of his favorite stories about White happened when the new Menards opened in Dickinson and they were standing in line to meet former Minnesota Vikings player Jim Kleinsasser. Right before Rhoades and White went up to take a picture with Kleinsasser and get his autograph, a woman tapped Rhoades on the shoulder to ask if her son could get a picture with White afterward because he was more excited about seeing “Bingo Brock” than meeting Kleinsasser.

“He’s been a great employee to have and a good friend,” Rhoades said. “He’s just a good guy.”

Between DJing and working at Consolidated, White said he enjoys meeting new people and forming new friendships.

“I’m a people person. I always say a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet,” he said. “I always just like meeting new people and getting to know their stories. … The friends I’ve met on the road over the last 12 years have become really close friends and have opened a lot of avenues and doors for me.”