Teigen resigns as Bowman County Sheriff

Rory Teigen

Longtime Bowman County Sheriff Rory Teigen has resigned from his position. At the county commissioner’s meeting on July 17, Teigen handed a letter to the chairman, detailing his intent on leaving the department.

Pioneer Editor

Teigen was not available for comment by the time the Pioneer went to print.

According to commissioner Ken Steiner, Teigen cited the amount of stress the position has caused as a reason for his departure. Steiner said Teigen didn’t address the commission during the meeting, Teigen only handed the commission his letter. Any more details on his resignation were not readily available to the Pioneer.

The resignation is effective Aug. 1, 2017, and the county commission will have to have another sheriff appointed by that time, though Steiner said he didn’t know when exactly they would have an appointment ready.

Whoever is appointed to the position would fulfill Teigen’s term, which Steiner thought ran to 2018, but the commission didn’t know specifically at the time of the meeting.

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