It’s All About the Chili: At the 31st annual Rhame Chili Cook Off (slideshow)

This year marked the 31st year of the annual Rhame Chili Cook Off at the Van Jones American Legion. Last year was the Waterhole Bar’s last year of hosting the event as they had since its creation. But Steve Pfau, owner of the Waterhole, didn’t roam far this year as he entered to participate in the competition. Rhame Legion members Bruce Jones and Jim Septon were the pair that got the cook-off started. The two attended other cook-offs and, when Pfau purchased the Waterhole Bar in 1983, they discussed having the bar sponsor a local cook-off. And the legacy bloomed from there. The contest follows the international chili society’s rules and they are important, as some contestants take their secret recipe on to state competitions. Unique to Rhame’s cook-off is the decoration each team uses to make their teams standout.

(By Bryce Martin | Pioneer Editor / Photos Courtesy Melissa Olsen)