Library Corner: What’s coming up at the Bowman Regional Public Library

An example of entries from a edible book festival.
An example of entries from a edible book festival.

Looking to way to express your creative baking skills? The Bowman Regional Public Library is excited to announce the first annual Edible Book Contest! How does is work? Pick a book title or character of a book, make a pun on a famous title, or simply make your creation in the shape of a book (or scroll, or tablet, etc.) Then let your creativity skills take over! Make a Cat in the Hat cake or decorate a stack of graham crackers to look like books. You can even make Rainbow Fish cookies! You are limited only by your imagination (and the entry guidelines found on our website). Really, the possibilities are endless! For examples and entry forms, visit the library website at

The Edible Book contest will be held on Tuesday, April 14th. Our celebrity judges will be Bryce Martin and Nate Lee from the Bowman County Pioneer and Lori Nohner from the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum. There will be plenty of fun and prizes so please start planning the best way to show off your skills!

The Library wants your spare change! We are having a penny drive in the library to fund new technology for the children’s department. If you have spare change, please put it in the change “monster” by the book return basket. He appreciates your willingness to feed him, and so do we! This money will be used to provide new technology for the kiddies!

On to the new books! Nonfiction lovers, rejoice!! Erik Larson, author of “In the Garden of Beasts” and “Devil in the White City” has done it again. “Dead Wake”, the story of the Lusitania in now available at the library. Larson has a unique gift of taking historical events and presenting them in a readable, novelistic style, turning events in history into rich and realistic experiences rather than merely stating facts. If you prefer fiction, we also have two new James Patterson books, several new audio books, including “The Killing Season” by Jim Harrison and “The Knife” by Ross Ritchell, and even a few new children’s books. Stop in and check it out!!

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