What’s new at the Rouzie Rec Center

The Rouzie Recreation Center is lively this winter with many new members and programs.

Tumbling mats lie out for the Rouzie Recreation Center's newest program aimed at instructing youth to run, roll and jump. (Photo courtesy Bowman Parks and Recreation)
Tumbling mats lie out for the Rouzie Recreation Center’s newest program aimed at instructing youth to run, roll and jump. (Photo courtesy Bowman Parks and Recreation)

Winter programs in full swing, new programs, activities added

The Rouzie Recreation Center is lively this winter with many new members and programs. Please stop by and see what programs are available for you and your family. One new program, Tot Time, helps introduce toddlers to exercise in the winter. Tot Time is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon.

Tuesdays is Tot Time-Ride Time. Guardians can bring in trikes, striders, or any kind of riding toys to the gym and let their preschoolers ride around the gym. On Thursday morning is Tot Time-Mat Time. There will be several mats set out on the gym floor for toddlers and preschoolers to play on. Guardians must be present and are welcome to walk laps around the gym while keeping an eye on their kids. Cost is $5 per family per day or free with a family membership. Thursday’s Mat Time will now have free coffee and tea sponsored by Dr. David Meadows, Dr. Sherryl Tomboulian, and Flowers and Cappuccino by Lasting Visions.

They are happy to sponsor this to encourage the physical fitness and know that physical activity is important for all ages, including the young.

Going for the Green is a 10-week wellness challenge and has about seven weeks left—it is not too late to join now and be successful in the challenge.

This is a wellness challenge to reward you with points for exercising, lifting weights, stretching, drinking water, eating five fruits or vegetables per day, volunteering your time, feeding your soul (attending religious services, praying, meditating), sleeping 7 hours per night, completing a health screen, reducing your body mass index, and attending the Going for the Green Fun Run/Walk on March 14. The goal of the challenge is to help motive you to be healthier in all aspects of your life, to set and reach realistic goals, to help get us through the long winter months, and to help build teams within work, family, and friends. It costs $25 to join the challenge and it will include a green T-shirt when the team averages 100 points (possible 63 points or more per week).

Tumbling is a new program that has taken off at Rouzie.

Heidi Fischer is instructing youth to run, roll, and jump through the tumbling program. Enrollment is bursting at the seams and the program will extend through the spring. If you did not get your child signed up for the January/February sessions, please be looking for the March/April sessions to be announced soon.

Men’s basketball and women’s volleyball are in full swing. We are delighted to provide new standards and nets for the volleyball program. Spring League Women’s volleyball will begin in March, with the captain’s meeting on to be held on Thursday, March 12. Please be aware that rosters and fees are due at the captain’s meeting and a new policy taking effect 2/1/2015 will add a $100 fee for late entries.

Youth girls’ basketball will begin in March, so please register your 4th, 5th or 6th grade girl between now and March.

Heading outside for the winter is more pleasurable with the ice rink and the walking paths available to residents.

Do not forget that Bowman has a large dog park on the west end of the baseball diamonds, just north of the overpass.

We are delighted to offer the traditional programs our communities are familiar with and excited to offer new programs. We have many talented area residents and are continuing to add programs based on need, talent and space. Some of the programs we would like to add are art/painting, digital photography, dance (youth and ballroom), group exercise, youth activities committee (social and physical activities for middle and high school), and many others. Please visit with the Rec if you have talents or are interested in providing instruction for these activities for the community.

(Submitted by the Bowman Parks and Recreation Department)

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