Wildfire toast the Bulldogs

Mott-Regent scored early and often and quickly took control of the game Friday evening when they entertained the Bulldogs of Bowman County.


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Posted on October 5, 2012

The Bulldogs’ opening kickoff was taken by Wildfire senior Taylor Zentner inside the 20 yard line and he was pushed out of bounds at the 39. Mott-Regent first play from scrimmage was an eight yard reception by Tyler Zentner.

The Wildfire using an “I-Formation” had Taylor Zentner handing off to Jacob Greff and he rushed for seven yards into Bulldog territory at their 45. Greff’s number was called again and took it up the middle where he met a wall of defending Bulldogs and managed only a yard. With no wind affecting the game, Wildfire junior Ben Freidt hauled in a Zentner pass for eight yards, a Jacob Greff rush for four more and the ensuing pitch at the 24 yard line to Tyler Zentner and he brought the ball inside the 10 for a first and goal.

Tyler Zentner took the handoff, the defense held, and he lost a yard. Wildfire junior James Warner brought in the play from the sideline, Tyler Zentner took the pitch, was driven out of bounds at the one and Mott-Regent were facing a third and goal. Taylor Zentner scored the first touchdown of the game with his quarterback keeper to complete the 82 yard drive that took three minutes and seventeen seconds. Tyler Zentner took the pitch to paydirt and the Wildfire led 8-0.

Wildfire junior James Warner assumed the kicking duties for the evening and the kickoff was taken by the Bulldogs and they began there first possession. Their first play from scrimmage was whistled for a motion penalty and Bowman County junior Tel Lardy took the ball to the 36 yard line. The next two plays yielded little or nothing and the Bulldogs were facing a fourth and eight deep in their own territory, and were forced to punt. The end-over-end kick was taken by Taylor Zentner to the Wildfire 36 yard line. He rolled out of the pocket and tossed out the football. It was tipped by Bowman junior defensive back John Yale to Mott-Regent freshman Brett Messmer and he “took it to the house” for a 63 yard touchdown. The Wildfire were whistled for illegal procedure on their conversion attempt and Tyler Zentner took the pitch for eight yards and a successful conversion. The Wildfire led 16-0 with seven minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The Wildfire kickoff was taken by Lardy to the 34 yard line and took the ball around the left side for two yards. Runningback sophomore Chandler Braaten rushed to the right for two more yards and the Bulldogs were facing a third and six at the 44 yard line. Yale ran a keeper for only two yards and Bowman was forced to punt again at the 4:43 mark.

Later, Greff took the handoff from Taylor, stumbled on the 33 yard line, regained his balance and scampered 67 yards for the third touchdown of the game for Mott-Regent. The pass for two more fell incomplete and the Wildfire led 22-0 with 2:09 remaining in the first stanza.

The ensuing kickoff was taken by sophomore Bondon Scott inside the 30 and he returned it to the 37. The Bulldog pass to wide receiver senior Eric Bucholz fell incomplete, unfortunately the Bulldogs were called for a low block penalty and a 15 yard loss from the point of infraction was marked off. Running back Chandler Braaten fumbled the ball at the 25 yard line and, fortunately for the Bulldogs, was recovered by the offense. With a second and nine, again the pass to Bucholz fell incomplete. A play action fake was overthrown by Kale

and the Bulldogs were whistled for illegal procedure. The penalty

brought the ball to the Bulldog 34 and with three and 14, the ball

was rushed up the middle for absolutely no gain and Bowman County was

still seeking a first down with a minute remaining in the first.

On the first play Taylor Zentner pitched the football to Tyler Zentner who pitched it

back to his brother and he aired it out for a 67-yard

touchdown. The conversion pass was incomplete and the Wildfire led


The Wildfire went into the shotgun formation and tossed up the jumpball. Tyler Zentner gathered it in and the Wildfire led 36-0 early in the second. Sophomore Chance Roth hauled in the conversion pass for the 38-0 lead.

For the Wildfire’s next score, the quarterback rolled out of the pocket an scored on a keeper. The two-point conversion pass fell incomplete and Mott-Regent led 42-0 at halftime.

With that kind of lead, the second and third teams were allowed to

enter the game and receive some varsity experience.

Also in the third quarter, Bowman finally put points on the board with a five yard run by Braaten and the conversion for two with a rush by Vale. In the fourth quarter Scott scored two touchdowns with runs of 18 yards and 15 yards. Both passes for the extra points failed.

The Bulldogs play Center-Stanton in the final home game of the 2012 season. The Bulldogs end the regular season next week at Beach.

The Wildcats go into the outing with a record of 0-7. Center-Stanton lost 44-12 in their recent league outing against Beach.

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