’Hawks hold off Bulldogs

A large crowd was on hand at Solberg gymnasium Tuesday night for the rivalry game between Bowman County and Hettinger/Scranton.


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Posted on October 4, 2012

The mood was festive as the Bulldogs were celebrating Homecoming Week, with many of the students decked out in their 80’s day attire.

Game 1 started as a back-and-forth contest, with neither team establishing dominance. Many of the early points were due to unforced errors caused by over anxious play. Morgan Woodley, a junior, served back-to-back aces giving the Bulldogs a 12-10 lead. Bowman County had to work to score as the Night Hawks Rebecca Oase, a senior, made her presence known on many occasions. Homecoming Queen Haley Sabe, served-up four straight points for the Bulldogs, giving them a 16-12 lead. The Night Hawks behind Michaela Erickson’s desperate save, rallied to tie it at 16. Junior Macy Smyle squelched the rally with a block, as the Bulldogs held on to a 25-20 victory.

In the second game, the Night Hawks jumped out to a quick 4-1 lead. Smyle nailed a clean kill to bring it back to 4-3 Night Hawks. Woodley put together another back-to-back ace performance to give the Bulldogs a 13-9 lead. The Night Hawks regained the lead behind the strong frontline play of Oase, Erickson, and senior Kaitlyn Olson, who plays taller than her height, would indicate. The Nighthawks held off the Bulldogs for a 25-21 win.

The Night Hawks left nothing to chance in the third game. They ran out to a 10-1 lead, and cruised to a 25-8 win.

The Bulldogs did not let the game deter them; they came out strong in Game 4. Junior Kaitlyn Dix kept a long rally going with a diving save that eventually led to a Bulldog point. She also brought the crowd to its feet when a kill attempt caught the top of the net, and actually rolled along the top edge of the net for six feet before it dropped for a Bulldog point, which made the score 13-11 in favor of the Night Hawks. Sierra Irons, a junior, recorded dig after dig along with Sabe, keeping the points long and exciting. Despite their efforts, the Nighthawks would not let up. In the end, Oase pounded down a clean kill for a 25-22 win, giving the match to the Nighthawks, 3-1.

Stat leaders for Hettinger-Scranton:

Kills: Oase 13, Erickson 6, Olson 6 Digs: Slater 19, Olson 17, Holt 13 Assists: Sadowsky 9, Kvanvig 4, Jahner 2 Blocks: Oase 3, Holt 2, Erickson 1 Aces: Slater 2, Sadowsky 2, Kvanvig 2, Olson 2.

Bowman County:

Kills: Smyle 8, Hansey 4, Woodley 4, Carlson 4 Digs: Irons 20, Sabe 19, Hansey 8 Assists: Manolovits 10, Palczewski 4, Woodley 4 Blocks: Smyle 4, Woodley 3, Carlson 3 Aces: Woodley 4.


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