Bowman County Siren Policy

According to Bowman county Emergency Management… County policy is that sirens will be activated if any county or city siren is in the path and is within 10 miles of a storm producing any of the following events:

Posted on August 17, 2012

• A confirmed rotation, funnel cloud or tornado

• A severe thunderstorm that includes golf ball and larger hail

• A severe thunderstorm that includes wind gusts in excess of 70 mph.

Sirens in Bowman County have only two notifications. The high-low sound is to notify volunteer firemen of a fire or other event, while the steady tone is an indication to “move to shelter” and seek more information.

A steady tone could signify dangerous weather or another “seek shelter” incident as a chemical accident.

The sirens will sound for three minutes, but just because they turn off does not mean people are out of danger. Residents should stay informed of the threat by checking local television and radio reports or use internet resources.

Outdoor siren systems are an effective method of outdoor notification, however the system should not be relied upon for early warning for individuals indoors. Air conditioning, thunder, wind, rain, and other conditions can cause the sirens not to be heard indoors.

Sirens are also subject to equipment malfunctions as well as failure due to damage from lightning strikes.

The emergency management team highly recommends each home and business have other means to receive warnings and notifications, such as NOAA all hazard radios, specifically one with the SAME feature, or subscribe to a service provider who will automatically send a phone call, email or text message when a storm warning is issued for specified locations.

NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio is a network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information directly from a nearby National Weather Service office. NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day.

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