Juvenile criminal activity increases

A teenager from Iowa discovered the hard way that “honesty is the best policy,” when dealing with the Bowman County Sheriff’s Office and the Bowman Police early Sunday morning.

By Eddie Hibbs III

Pioneer Publisher & Editor

Posted on August 2, 2012

Joshua Lee Daniels, a 19-year-old male from St. Charles, Iowa, was discovered by deputies “skateboarding” between Rhame and Bowman.

A deputy with the assistance of the Bowman Police questioned the man, who allegedly provided false information to the law enforcement officials.

According to Police Chief Charles Headley, Daniels provided a false name and informed officials that he “ran out of gas and was skateboarding to California.”

The law enforcement officers offered assistance, informing him they could help provide fuel for his vehicle (through the Salvation Army) so he could be on his way. However, in order to receive the voucher, the man had to provide identification, which then led to his true identity.

“It was a very strange case,” Headley said.

Daniels was arrested for providing false information and his car impounded. He was transported to Dickinson.

His parents drove up from Iowa to bond him out and to obtain his vehicle, but according to Headley, Daniels “did not want bonded out and wanted to remain in jail.”

“His parents were very concerned,” Headley added. “They said he up and left Iowa for no reason, dropping out of college.”

Daniels’ next court appearance is scheduled for October.

Daniels wasn’t the only teen causing problems for local law enforcement.

A rash of vandalism incidents at the parks have kept police officers busy, including locking bathroom doors each night.

Shortly after the Fourth of July, individuals flushed fireworks in the commode, blowing out chunks of ceramic and causing an estimated $500 in damage. Boards have also been kicked out a number of different times.

A juvenile under investigation for some of the vandalism has been referred to juvenile court in Dickinson.

On July 11, police officers responded to a fight at the northeast shelter where one juvenile allegedly videotaped an assault on a 17-year-old female by a 17-year-old female. A number of other teenagers were reported at the scene.

According to Headley, the ipod on which the assault was allegedly recorded was erased, but the ipod was sent to state investigators to try to recover the file and to substantiate the victim’s claims. Headley said the two teen females, both from Bowman, have a “long-going feud.”

The two females were involved in a similar incident at Rotary Park. On July 24, officers received a 911 call at 10:30 p.m. that a large group of teenagers were assembled at the park and they were disturbing the peace. Additional officers were called.

Six minors were arrested for minors in consumption. Two other minors were referred to the juvenile court in Dickinson for disorderly conduct and one female was charged with trespassing as she had previously been banned from city parks for a prior incident.

An 18-year-old, Javier Parra, who was also previously barred from city parks, was transported to Dickinson.

According to the police report, two female teens, ages 14 and 17, tried to incite a fight with a 17-year-old female. The alleged victim called an adult to pick her up. When the adult arrived, the group of teenagers surrounded the vehicle and allegedly started yelling obscenities and pounding on the vehicle.

“We had a hallway full of kids and parents,” Headley said.

One of the 13-year-old males arrested put his hand through a window, according to the report, while he was intoxicated at the park. He refused to comply with officers and had to be restrained. He was treated for his arm injury and transported to the juvenile holding facility in Dickinson.

Most of the juveniles registered more than .08 on their blood alcohol content and one of the juveniles registered a .18 – more than twice the legal limit for an adult, according to Headley.

Later that night, one of the juveniles ran away from her home after having an argument with her parents. The parents reported her missing to police. Officers located the female at a friend’s house.

When officers first arrived at the friend’s house, both the friend and one of the parents denied she was there. Officers were given permission to search the residence, where they found the missing girl hiding. The friend was referred to juvenile court for hindering justice and harboring a runaway. The parent was referred to the State Attorney’s Office and faces similar charges, though none have been filed as of press time.

In two separate incidents Friday night, Bowman Police made arrests for DUI. One incident involved a 16-year-old Bowman male. He was released to his parents and referred to juvenile court in Dickinson. The second incident led to the arrest of 28-year-old Dale Hermann of Michigan.

During his arrest, 39-year-old Michelle Edwards of Bowman, a passenger in his vehicle, was also arrested for interfering with the duties of an officer, a misdemeanor. Both Hermann and Edwards are out on bond.

“The summer started off kind of slow, but July has been taxing,” Headley said.