Isabel Alford

Isabel Victoria Alford [Horne], age 96, quietly passed, deep in sleep, into the arms of the Lord on June 24, 2012 at 3:25 in the afternoon.

Posted on August 1, 2012

Isabel Alford


Isabel Victoria Alford [Horne], age 96, quietly passed, deep in sleep, into the arms of the Lord on June 24, 2012 at 3:25 in the afternoon. Isabel was born, Isabel Victoria Horne, March 21, 1916, in Slope County North Dakota, near Midway, in the Horne family Homestead shanty, to R. H. and Vina Horne [Vina Brusli] as the third of seven siblings.

Isabel grew up on the family farm east of New England North Dakota, graduated from New England High School, and went to work for Dr. Gilsdorph. During a trip to her sister’s home in LA she met a Sailor, Jay E Alford, an Officer and a Gentleman, they would be married until his death 34 years later.

During WW II, Isabel and Jay moved around among Naval duty stations on the East, West, and Gulf Coasts of America at War. After wintering 44/45 with her son Jon and Vina on the farm, in early spring, Isabel and Vina sold the livestock and crops, made the beds, cleaned and closed up the house, locked the doors, and caught the Train out to join R. H. in Tacoma, Washington. …Isabel, Jon, and Vina were the last of the Horne Family to live on, and leave, the Farm.

After the war, leaving the Navy, Isabel, Jay, and their 3 boys moved to Oregon City, Oregon. The boys grew up, Jay retired, and Isabel and Jay went on the road traveling south and back again as ‘snow birds’. After Jays death in 1978, Isabel enjoyed years of travel, capped by a drive to Alaska and making the Atlantic crossing to ‘the Old Country’ Norway. Eventually Isabel retired from road travel; except, for a yearly summer trip, driven by her oldest son, Jon, to the Farm to see Friends and family on the way to, and in, North Dakota.

Isabel enjoyed late life High Lights; such as, granddaughter Tess’s High School graduation in 2010. Followed by New Years, 2011, at the beach, when she took herself and, grandchildren, Marshall and Jea’ down to the bar to buy a shot of whiskey for each of them… then, in the spring of 2011 there were the College graduations of Marshal and Jea’; and, in between those two college graduations, Isabel’s granddaughter, Taylor’s graduation from High School .

Isabel Lived 96 good years and enjoyed a life full of humor, smiles, friends, cookie parties, and family, all of whom she would like to have spent more time among. Isabel had and is survived by 3 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren, the youngest being Carter.

Isabel is also survived by her younger brother, John Horne, youngest sister, Dee Ronning [Horne], and many nieces and nephews.

Saturday June 23, 2012 illustrates the way Isabel lived to enjoy life …first thing in the morning Isabel greeted her just returned from Austria granddaughter Jea’, in the company of Jea’s mom, Juli, dad, Mark, and sister, Taylor, to enjoy big hello’s, pleasant conversations, and ‘good bye hugs’ for Isabel. About midday, Isabel’s best Friend Betty, and Betty’s daughters, Kris and Linda, came over, visited and said ‘ad due’. Then, in the afternoon, Isabel’s grandchild Amber, Amber’s husband Scott, and their boy Carter, stopped by for Hi’s ! Hugs ! and ‘Goodbyes’. As evening came, Isabel went to sleep… as she had said, ‘she wished to sleep, at the close of 96 years, in the long sleep that would carry her to Heaven’; and so it was, at 3: 25 Sunday, June 24th 2012, with Sons Jon, Mark, lifelong friend Linda, and the hospice Priest present, she made her final turn to Heaven.

We give special thanks that her youngest son, Rex, and his daughter, Tess, were able to make it out to see Isabel the week before; as well, that Butch, Scott, Lori, Lisa, and Zack, all showed up Sunday, the 24th to give us support and Isabel pats, hugs, goodbyes, and I love you’s as she slept her way into eternity.

The Memorial Service is August 4th, 2012 from 10:30 AM to 1 PM, at St. Stephens Lutheran Church, 290 W Gloucester St, Gladstone, Oregon, 97045, # 503-656-8194… we will all say ‘Good Bye to Isabel’ until it’s time for mom to make a final trip to North Dakota.

In lieu of flowers, please send Donations in the name of ‘ Isabel V. Alford’ [Horne] to the New England Fire department, PO Box 448, New England, North Dakota, 58647 or the World War II Memorial Processing Center, PO Box 305, Calverton, NY 11933. Thank you.


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