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Assistant Librarian, Kaitlin Brooks, adds table salt to Brenna Martin’s DIY lava lamp at the library’s after school science club.

Bowman Regional Public Library

Well now that we’ve gotten through the season of Christmas lights, frostbite and pants-too-tight, we can finally announce the winners of our Tumbleweed Decorating Contest. Actually, to avoid making hard decisions, we’re playing the old “EVERYONE is a WINNER” card so anyone who took the time to find and decorate a holiday “tree”, please come down and get your certificates for free books from the book sale room and your “Platinum Library Patron” badge that gives you more overdue privileges than you knew you needed. Any thank you all for participating and making our library beautiful.

 Now about the books. We’ve just received a few new Large Print books, including “One More Song To Sing” by Lindsay Harrel and “Many Sparrows” by Lori Benton. Also, as we promised, we have a plethora of new nonfiction books on the shelves, ($5000 worth to be exact, thanks to Sarah Snavely’s remarkable grant –writing skills!) including several items about  birds, reptiles, and other critters of the earth.  We also have Temple Grandin’s book “Working With Farm Animals” which offers a fascinating insight into the nature and complexities of raising livestock.  If you aren’t familiar with Temple Grandin, she is a world renowned animal behavior consultant who has used her Asperger’s Syndrome to better understand and work with livestock.

 This leads me to our next topic, which is our upcoming list of suggested  TED Talks that will expand and maybe blow your mind.  So to kick off our monthly recommended Talk, we’d like to suggest watching Temple  Grandin’s presentation “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds”. If you aren’t familiar with TED Talks, simply go to and have a look around or just search Ted talks on Youtube.  And please, let us know via Facebook, email or in person, if there is a Ted Talk you’d recommend.

 We are also asking for your feedback in the book department. If you’ve read a book and can’t stop sharing it with all your friends, feel free to write up a quick review and send it to us. We’ll post to our Facebook page and get the word out! After all, good books are best when shared. And speaking of our Facebook page, we have short story discussion page and will continue to feature various short stories. If you’re interested, join the discussion.

 Our monthly book club will begin again on January 15th at 7 pm. This month we are reading “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. This Young Adult book, beautiful and tenderly written, addresses the theme of good verses evil and the triumph of love as seen through the eyes of 13 year old Meg. Copies are available at the library.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday: Game night 4:30-7 pm  Come one, come all. Young and old, big and small. We’ll play games.

Wednesday: Story Time 10:30 am. Open to Pre-K kids and parents. Stories and crafts.

Thursday: After School Crafts and Chaos. Open to school age children who like to be creative.

Monday, January 15th 7PM at the library Book Club Discussion

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