New CEO visits city council

Wiesner introduces new NP, excited about future of hospital

With the start of the New Year brought the start of a new era at Southwest Health Care.

Jerry Wisener, the new CEO of the health care facility, officially started his tenure. Thursday, Jan. 4, Wisener paid his first visit to the Bowman City Commission to provide an update of the future of Southwest.

By Chris Slone
Twitter: @crslone

While looking toward the future, Wisner also paid homage to his predecessor — John Osse, who was hired as an interim CEO to navigate through the more difficult times.

“There are exciting opportunities and actions going on at Southwest Health Care,” Wisener said. “I want to thank John. He has been fantastic. If he was the starting pitcher, I’m the relief pitcher. I’m just coming in and finishing the game, so he went through all the projects that are still in process and I am going to continue those for the success and benefit of Southwest Health Care, whether it’s increasing revenues or decreasing expenses. That’s going to be my primary focus this year.”

Osse’s last day was Friday, Jan. 5. Osse thank Wisener at the council meeting, before thanking council for their support.

“Jerry is going to do a great job,” Osse said. “And has I head out into the sunset, I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your donations. Without your contributions, we wouldn’t have had doctor (Matthew) Feller. That was a critical step in the survival of the hospital. I want to thank you guys again for helping us out. I think Jerry has told you. We are in much better shape than we were and it’s a join effort. He’s going to carry the ball.”

Feller has a clinic at Southwest Health Care. His special interests include: managing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease and other chronic illnesses.

Wiesner also spoke about the facility’s new hire, Nurse Practitioner Jessica Slone.

Jessica Slone

“She has very good knowledge of long-term care, so she will fit in nicely at Southwest Health Care.,” Wiesner said.

“And with Jessica, that will help increase that revenue. Pain management is a significant issue for places all over the country. And with her Alzheimer’s expertise, we have Alzheimer’s patients in our nursing homes, that will be a tremendous benefit to us. We’re really excited to have her.”

Wiesner told council that the hospital had already devised a strategic plan for the year and he would report back quarterly with updates.

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