Farm & Ranch Land Destruction/Loss of Tax Base – A Result of Industrial Wind Turbines


Fact: Each industrial wind turbine base removes 1.5 to 3 acres of farm/ranch ground from farm/ranch production.

Fact: Industrial wind turbines remove additional acres of farm/ranch from agricultural production as a result of road construction & attendant road ditches, underground cabling, compaction of soil from massive construction cranes & staging equipment, including substations.

Fact: After the initial construction of a turbine and later after the decommissioning, harvest yields are diminished forever, far beyond the relatively short life span of a turbine project.

Source: Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, Inc.

FINANCIAL IMPACT TO BOWMAN COUNTY: (of a brobdingnagian scale)

What impact will the overall project of 199 plus turbines have on the tax base of Bowman County, after the soil is permanantly destroyed and yields drop?

Fact: February 5, 2016, Bowman County Pioneer Press

Howard Kruger/Scott Koziar, APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. representatives present wind turbine project of 100-300 wind turbines, at  ‘invitation only’ meeting held on January 29, 2016 @ the Bowman Lodge.  (Note: The meeting was ‘not’ public.)

Fact: November 3, 2017, Bowman County Pioneer Press

Mark Mauersberger, APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. representative presented the proposed wind project, quoting a wind turbine project of 100 wind turbines, at a meeting held on October 25, 2017 (The APEX meeting was scheduled the same evening as the Bowman County Agricultural Appreciation Supper).

Coincidence, I think ‘not’!

During the October 25th, 2017 APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. meeting, several local landowners, questioned the overall size of the proposed project in relationship to the microscopic map in the materials.

Mr. Mauersberger was unable to provide concrete answers to the local landowners questions regarding the total scope and size of the proposed project.

When questioned about number of turbines, again Mr. Mauersberger was unable to provide a concrete response to the landowners.

Earlier in the evening, Mr. Mauersberger publicly stated a  proposed project of 100 turbines.

However, Mr. Mauersberger statement was in direct conflict with the 199 plus turbines listed in the APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. printed materials, presented on the overhead screen during the meeting.

When questioned from the floor, Mr. Mauersberger was again unprepared to respond.

Mr. Mauersberger then inquired as to where the 199 plus turbines were listed within their own APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. documents.

He was then directed to the documents that Mr. Mauersberger himself presented to the regularly scheduled Bowman County Commission meeting held on July 18, 2017, as well as, the identical printed materials provided to the same commissioners.

Again, Mr. Mauersberger questioned the APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. presented documents listing more than 100 turbines.

From the floor of the October 25, 2017 meeting, one meeting attendee directed Mr. Mauersberger to the APEX Clean Energy L.L.C. page (upper right hand corner) clearly stating a proposal of 199 turbines, that he previously presented at a regularly scheduled Bowman County Commission meeting.


Conflicting information has been presented over a period of time, with the project doubling in both size & scope.

What is the truth?

How massive is this proposed project?

Whom shall we trust?

What will be the overall financial impact on Bowman County over the long term?

(Fact: the majority of financial investors in these proposed wind projects are foreign entities (hidden in the private financials of an L.L.C.), thus will the Bowman County citizens be responsible for the exorbitant decommissioning expenses? All proposed project decommissioning bonds need to be 100% funded upfront and ‘all’ funds need to be deposited into a North Dakota domiciled financial entity.)

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Paulson

Minneapolis, MN (former Bowman County native)

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