Bowman Museum Pioneers New Exhibits

Pioneer Trails Museum in Bowman is open Monday – Friday 10 AM–4 PM.

History is always in the making, constantly changing and evolving. The very concept, of which, is no exception at the Pioneer Trails Museum in Bowman. Bringing exclusive history of the region from the field to the display cases for over 25 years, the museum is consistently changing with the times and finding new ways to keep the old new.

By Andy Roehl

Within its walls, the Bowman Pioneer Trails Museum holds over 70,000 pieces of North Dakota History, artifacts unique solely to the Bowman region. What you see in the showrooms doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s behind the scenes. Much of the floor space in the showroom is known as “rotating displays” which basically means what you can see one day may not be the same thing you see the next time you visit. Not that the staff wishes to withhold any valuable history from you, it’s literally because if they put up everything they had it would fill the space from floor to ceiling. Not to mention, the rotating displays keep things interesting for those who frequent the museum. You’ll always discover something new.

Dean Pearson and everyone in the administration of the museum bring their passion of the past into their outlook of the future and are proud to announce they have commenced their newest endeavor in new exhibits. Projected to be completed within a two-year timeframe, a section of the showroom has been established to recognize the historic trails of the region. The trails will be individually featured, and an interactive light display will be created to give visitors a fun, interesting experience, allowing them to literally pioneer trails. It just makes sense.

The museum is also hard at work completing a walkway from their main building into a brand-new structure set aside to display artifacts of history leading up to modern day. The idea of the new space will be utilized in a way that will give visitors a unique experience, creating an atmosphere of being in the past. There will be something for all sorts of connoisseurs with more pieces of history from new sets of colossal dinosaur bones to classic cars.

Behind the showrooms, the museum works closely with volunteers who have various passions for discovery. Continued expansion has been done to supply the space and equipment for those who have a hobby in history. Volunteers are encouraged to come down where they can turn their fascination into sport. The museum possesses the tools you need for anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, botany, genealogy, and paleontology.

If you’ve never been to the Pioneer Trails Museum, or haven’t been there in a while, check out what they have to offer as there is so much beyond their doors and even more amazing things to come.

Pioneer Trails Museum is located at 12 1st Ave. NE, Bowman, ND 58623. Their hours are Monday through Friday 10AM-4PM.

For any inquiries, give Jean Nudell, Museum Administrator, a call at 701-523-3600.

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