Home for the Holidays: a ‘Kat Perkins Christmas Live’ performance

Kat Perkins performs during a concert in North Dakota her Home for the Holidays, a Kat Perkins Christmas Live tour.

Scranton native, Christmas lover, and renowned rockstar Kat Perkins is currently on tour for her “Home for the Holidays: A Kat Perkins Christmas Live”. The event spans from Hazen, North Dakota all the way to Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Kat and her entourage will be rocking stockings with face melting holiday cheer from December 2nd to December 28th.

On December 4th, Kat arrived in Bowman for her tour stop at the local theatre. The Pioneer got a chance to catch up with her before the show. Like a decked out Christmas Tree loaded with lights and reflective ornaments, Kat was glowing and brimming with Christmas cheer, absolutely psyched to perform. She made sure to point out its no coincidence her “Home for the Holidays” tour takes her between North Dakota and Minnesota. Although her family now resides within Minnesota, Kat’s roots begin right here. “It still feels like home.” said Kat on coming back to where it all began. Growing up in Scranton, Kat mentioned that she would listen to well known female country artists and would feel inspired to be just like them. Her father, who is actually part of the show, added the element of rock and roll introducing Kat to bands like Van Halen. Thus, Kat brandishes a musical blend of country, rock, and pop. But if there was one genre that she could be all year long, it would be Christmas!

Being her 3rd “Kat Perkins Christmas Live” tour, the dial has been cranked to 11 and promises to be a very merry blend of dynamic visuals, heartfelt beats, and musical fusion. The show includes an orchestra, premium sound, and a live dancer. The music being performed will be a combination of the songs featured on her two Christmas albums; A Kat Perkins Christmas Volumes I and II. “We’ve pulled out all the stops!” exclaimed Kat when asked about the difference between listening to her albums at home and experiencing them live. Her passion for the holiday season brings about a special ambiance that is sure to strike a chord with her fans.

Adding very personal touches, such as sharing the stage with her father, is something she is undoubtably thrilled to to share with her audience. As for delivering a performance for fans from North Dakota,“I’m super grateful for their continued support!” said Kat, who also recently announced a new foundation to benefit aspiring musicians. The Rising Star Foundation provides vocal training and professional resources tailored to today’s music business climate. Kat utilizes her experiences to provide an environment in which aspiring musicians will learn techniques to thrive, express themselves, and grow as artists. Kat’s key piece of advice for those wanting to do what she does-“Every day brings a new reason to quit, but you can’t give up. Never give up! Be patient. Everything has a reason.”

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