Boys finish second at West Region cross country meet in Bowman

All-Region Runners (L to R) Alexius Miller, Andrew Miller, Caleb Sarsland, Camden Wokal, and Brian Miller. (FAR RIGHT) Brenna Wokal.

Bowman County hosted the West Region Cross Country meet this past Saturday, Oct. 14 at Sweetwater Golf Course.
Pioneer Editor
Seventh grader Caleb Sarsland ran away with the junior varsity boys portion of the meet with a time of 11:45.07, about two-and-a-half seconds faster than Joran Larson, the runner up from Stanley.
Others from Bowman County to place were Brady Hendrickson (18-13:11.88), Luke Fischer (24-14:11.73), Kevin Fischer (31-15:20.79), and Dylan Kalstrom (35-17:25.49).
As a team, Bowman County finished fourth, behind Stanley, Beulah-Hazen, and New Town. The Bulldogs JV team finished with at time of 1:11:54.96, with an average time of 14:23.00.
On the girls junior varsity side McKaylee Kalstrom was the high placer with the Bulldogs when she finished 11th with a time of 14:52.02.
Others to place were Kaylee Kinsey (14-15:35.31), Audrey Lazzara (20-17:38.68), and Michaela Fischer (22-18:44.51).
The girls junior varsity team finished fourth behind New Town, Stanley, and Trenton.
The boys varsity team came in second place overall with a time of 1:33:20.83, and average time of 18:40.17. The Bulldogs finished about eight seconds behind New Town, who finished with a time of 1:25:32.44.
Freshman Brian Miller was the high placer for the Bulldogs with a time of 18:03.50, good enough for a 12th-place finish. Senior Andrew Miller was right behind him with a time of 18:08.42.
Others to place were Camden Wokal (19-18:27.72), Samuel Rodakowski (27-19:11.08), Austin Wanner (32-19:30.11), Ethan Fischer (19:32.47), Noah Wokal (21:41.94), Dillon Eagon (21:52.95), Levi Kelly (21:58.69), Antoine Kaddouri (22:08.25), and Benjamin Knopp (22:41.61).
Sophomore Alexis Miller finished as the top Bowman County runner on the girls varsity squad with a time of 21:38.99, good enough for a 10th-place finish.
Others to place were Abigail Bartholomew (24-22:37.94), Pasha Rex (42-23:24.69), Vanessa Fischer (23:41.74), Meggie Fischer (24:47.01), Jocelyn Kulsecth (68-25:58.09), Becki Fuchs (69-26:00.14), and Brenna Wokal (81-26:51.65).
The team as a whole finished in sixth place with a time of 1:56:10.02, an average time of 23:14.08. Finishing ahead of Bowman County were Watford City, New Town, Southern McLean, Shiloh Christian, and Stanley.

Meggie Fischer
Brenna Wokal
Austin Wanner