A Fulfilling Night Of More Than Food

Sandra Dingfelder stands behind the dessert stand at the Southwest Healthcare fundraiser. (Photos Courtesy of Debbie Patterson)

“If you plan it they will come.” It’s a nice thought and sounds good, but what if  they don’t or can’t? Back in late August Connie Schorsch, Vicky Swanson, Joanie Woodley, and Debbie Patterson started planning an event to be put on by the staff of Southwest Healthcare Services as a fundraiser for the deficit. We wanted to show how much we care and appreciated all the support of the Bowman County Commissioners, Bowman City Commissioners, SWHS Board members, and all that have been working so hard to get SWHS back on track. While the number that actually came and ate may not have been what we planned for – the generosity of staff and this community was overwhelmingly a success.

Special To The Pioneer

The SWHS family and supporters gave fabulous gift baskets and baked goods which went over well. The spaghetti supper had about 125 people that ate until their stomachs were full and hopefully their hearts as well. At the end of the evening over $12,000 was raised thanks to many people that stepped up to show their support. An additional $1,000 has come in since the close of the evening which goes to show while they may not be able to come…their love and support is there for Southwest Healthcare Services.

On behalf of all the staff our thanks to each and everyone that came, helped out by baking or bringing items, and to those that supported it even though you didn’t even get a meal – may God bless you as you have blessed SWHS.

Special thanks to Thrivent Action Team program for seed money to get started; to Justin Abrahamson and Greg Wolf for your input and assistance; Terry Walter, Nancy Schaefer, and Karen Langemo for your expertise in the kitchen; and to Thelma Pladsen DiMattio for being my Vicky…my rock while making the silent auction/bake sale look so fabulous.

Four people stand ready to serve at the Southwest Healthcare fundraiser.
(Photos Courtesy of Debbie Patterson)