Bowman grad illustrates children’s book, looking to Kickstarter to raise funds to print

Bowman grad Roxi (Homelvig) Mathis (L) pose with Terri Aldrich

The Hamster and the Firefly is a book illustrated by Bowman high alum and Amidon native, Roxi (Homelvig) Mathis. The story was written by a Minot woman, Aurora Rocket (a pen name) as a gift for their mother, Terri Aldrich. It was only when Terri read the story that she thought it might make a great children’s book. Even though it is a story written for an adult, it is told in a beautifully simple way, and illustrated with beautiful images, that all ages can enjoy. It is an elegant story about the importance of friendship, life’s quirks and the possibilities within each of us. It is a heartfelt and inspirational tale for all who read it and the illustrations serve to accentuate the message.

The book is ready to print and Roxi, Aurora and Terri are using to fund the printing. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website where creators can gain the support of backers in order to bring a project to life. This project offers many rewards starting as low as $10, from copies of the book, to coffee mugs printed with images the book characters, hand-made stuffed animals (a firefly and a hamster of course), and  even original artwork by the Roxi.

You can support this ambitious venture by going to and searching for “Hamster and Firefly.” There, you’ll also get to see more of the artwork, read more of the story and track their progress over the next several days. The project will only run for a limited time, so don’t miss out on it.

Two sample illustrations from the book The Hamster and the Firefly. (Courtesy Photos)

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