Tot Lot Preschool hosts 3K Color Run/Walk

On a beautiful day, nearly 100 people congregated at James Field for the 3K Color Run/Walk event hosted by Tot Lot Preschool. Normally hosted by the Catholic church to benefit their youth programs, Tot Lot Preschool adopted the event this year when scheduling conflicts prohibited the church from putting on the run.

Pioneer Editor

Chelsey Storlie and Heather Salzieder, preschool teachers at Tot Lot, organized the event, and Storlie deemed it a success.

“Fantastic, it was so much fun,” she said.

The preschool has been in existence for four years, but this is the first of what Storlie said will be many fundraisers for the educational institute.

With nearly 100 participants, many of them being young kids, $2,200 was raised for the school. Chalk powder—the color used in the color run—and the commemorative t-shirts were actually mostly paid for by donations.

“We’re so very lucky, we had donations that helped us pay for the powder and the t-shirts,” Storlie said.

Storlie said that the money will be inserted into their general fund, which supports school supplies, and will also go towards continuing education seminars for the educators of the school.

Normally run as a 5K (about 3.1 miles) in the past, Storlie said they decided to cut it down to a 3K (about 1.86 miles) in hopes of making it more family friendly. Their decision seemed to pay off because she said about 30-40 of the participants were kids. Some who ran, walked, rode bicycles or riding strollers.

Storlie told the Pioneer that they aren’t sure if they will host the event again next year or if it will back to support the community’s catholic youth, but she did say they have some other ideas for fundraising to deploy.

She was just happy to be able to host the event and was glad it came together as well as it did.

“It was just so great all the people that came, and all the donations we got just made if perfect,” she said. “And it was perfect weather.”

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