Scranton graduate awarded scholarship through ND Community Foundation

Jordan Dilse

The North Dakota Community Foundation (NDCF) will award over $600,000 in scholarships to over 375 North Dakota students in 2017.

One of those recipients was Jordan Dilse of Scranton, who is attending North Dakota State University. Dilse was awarded the scholarship thanks to the Alfred Klewin fund.

The organization currently manages over 120 scholarship funds supported by North Dakotans, former residents and those interested in helping North Dakota students succeed.

“We are pleased to be able to help so many students further their education.” said Kevin Dvorak, President and CEO of NDCF.  “The donors that created these scholarship funds believed in investing in our future and we are honored to be able to carry out their wishes.”

The following list provides the name of each scholarship recipient, their hometown, the school they will be attending (if known), and the scholarship fund or funds at NDCF from which the money was granted.  In most cases, a local advisory committee recommends the grant recipient.

Congratulations to the NDCF Class of 2017!

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