From the Publishers Desk: Bowman, Year Round

I’m often asked and I’ve often wondered, what attracts people to communities the size of Bowman? What keeps businesses and residents here?


Although there are many factors that go into such questions; one thing is paramount, it is the people within a community. Individuals such as the staff at Bowman Sales & Service. Josh Lindstrom, Melissa Lindstrom and Wayne Bergquist. It seems no matter what event is going on in the community, Bowman Sales & Service can be counted on to support it. Yes, I understand there are many countless volunteers in our community and there are many caring businesses who always step up with unwavering spirit by doing more than expected. Businesses such as, Southwest Health Care Services, Pifer’s, Bronson’s, Newby’s Ace, and many others.

As our community looks to embrace visitors and businesses in the fall and winter, we as a community need to harness the enthusiasm from summer and our local volunteers. We need to create an optimistic climate that provides year-round residents and high school seniors with deserving opportunities to come back after college or stay for business opportunities right here in Bowman.

Local business leaders and government officials should create a strategic vision to retain our graduates who would love to continue or come back and make Bowman their home. In addition to the excitement of attracting new businesses, how can you be involved? Take pride in welcoming visitors and new business along with supporting all of our local merchants. We all play an important marketing part by conveying an optimistic welcoming community to visitors, friends and family.

Going forward, let’s retain the energy of what attracted people to our community over the summer. Participate where you can and work together with local government officials, business leaders and residents. By pulling together as one community, we can retain and expand an exceptional living area that will ensure Bowman as a destination all year round!

Frank Perea II is the Regional Publisher for Country Media covering the properties in North Dakota and Montana. Publications include the Bowman County Pioneer, The Herald, The Dunn County Herald, Adams County Record, and the Fallon County times in Baker, Mont.

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