Bowman Lions hosted the UBS summer Blood Drive

Nancy Schafer (L) and Deb Schade

The Bowman Lions hosted the UBS summer Blood Drive on Tuesday August 29 at the Bowman City Hall. The goal set for us by UBS was 29 donors with 42 units collected, and largely thanks to the generosity of our community, we were able to beat the target levels. We ended up with a total of over 40 people registered. Of those, four people had last minute conflicts, but we also had some 4 “walk in” donors who nicely filled the gap. Among those who did come, we had some 10 referrals (non-donors) with an even break between those with problems on the initial interview and those whose blood pressure was high, or Hemoglobin levels were insufficient. From our final group of donors, we had 33 single units of blood drawn and 11 double units drawn leaving us with a total of over 45 units as a final tally. We were most likely helped by the very hot day and short harvest season. The Bowman Lions put in a total of over 15 hours volunteer time to make this happen. A huge Lion Thanks goes out to those who came in to the City Hall, as well as the City Staff who accommodated us so well. We look forward to another successful drive in October.

Nancy and Deb with Lion Chuck during the registration process at the door to the chambers.

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