From the Superintendent’s desk: Welcome Back

Towards the end of last year, students sent some of the administrators up to the roof with their reading. Tracy Lecoe (L) and David Mahon (R) sit on the roof and greet students of Bowman school. Students exceeded their ready goal and the duo had to sit on the roof. (Pioneer Photo by Cole Benz)

As I begin my second year a question keeps popping into my head, “Holy cow where did the summer go?”  They say that when you are extremely busy time flies, well no truer statement has ever been said, as the hard working summer staff and I found out each day. 

Bowman County Superintendent

This summer we have been as busy as bees and have completed several facility projects, reloaded our teaching staff with some outstanding new educators, and continued our daily progress making Bowman County Schools one of the best school districts in our state!  We will continue to work together to provide for the communities of Bowman and Rhame the very best education that our children can receive.  We are so blessed with easily some of the very best students I have ever encountered in my 20+ years as a school administrator; they are hardworking and very polite and respectful.  I know these students are a direct reflection of their parents and guardians.  Bowman County Schools wants you to know that we appreciate all that you parents and guardians do each day to support our efforts.  Our communities of Rhame and Bowman have enthusiastically supported of our school district and I want both communities to know how much I appreciate this continued support.  Working together with our experienced and engaged school board has shown that with our team philosophy we can accomplish a great deal to benefit our school district.  I invite all of you to come in and visit with me or our High School Principal Mr. Tyler Senn, or our Elementary Principal Mrs. Tracey Lecoe if you have questions or need assistance.  We are here to help you and your children as we embark on another exciting year of school. GO BULLDOGS!

•Grant Money Aids In Facility Upgrades

Bowman County Schools was the fortunate recipient of a $276,734.00 grant from the North Dakota Land Board.  Awards of grant money like this is a “Win – Win,” for our school district and the taxpayers of our community. Most importantly, local taxes are not impacted at all because this is a grant award which we do not have any additional cost to our taxpayers. The school district can make necessary improvements with little or no impact on the school budget. These grant funds are specifically for the renovation and improvement of a school district’s facilities.  Because of these grant funds we were able to move forward with several necessary renovation and improvement projects at both the Rhame and Bowman campuses.  We were able to replace the entire roof on the Rhame High School building, finish out the remaining installation of air conditioning at the Bowman school building and the addition of 4 stalls on our bus garage.  Other renovations include the replacement of carpet in the Roosevelt Elementary classrooms, new outdoor lighting on our west parking lot, an elementary basketball court, and the planting of several trees around both our Rhame and Bowman campuses.  These necessary renovations and improvements are appreciated by all.

•Piloting of One to One Device Initiative

Starting this school year Bowman County Schools will pilot a one to one student to electronic device initiative.  To keep our students as up to date as possible with cutting edge technology and curriculum the Bowman County School district will pilot our one to one student to device program with grades Kindergarten, fifth grade and seventh grade in Bowman and Kindergarten in Rhame Elementary.  The device that has been selected for this program is a BAK Atlas 12 tablet.  The Atlas 12 is a versatile touch screen device being both a laptop and a tablet.  The Atlas 12 supports a swiveling 11.6-inch touchscreen that can be used in several different ways. Opening the device as a standard laptop gives you access to the keyboard and touchpad, while folding the keyboard behind the screen turns it into a tablet and disables the keyboard.  For more information about these devices please go to the BAK Atlas 12 website at  We are very excited about piloting this program and giving Bowman County students every advantage within their education to be prepared to compete in the ever changing tech dominated 21st century job market.

•New Bowman County Schools APP & Webpage

Bowman County Schools is in the process of constructing a “Smartphone Application” and new web page.  Upon completion of our new smartphone app, anyone who has a cellphone with the ability to load applications upon it will be able to download our new Bowman County School’s smartphone application.  We have made this move to improve communication to all of our Bowman County stakeholders.  Our app will provide the user with a familiar look and experience as you would get when using any of your current favorite smartphone apps.  Our goal is to engage you with the app.  This goal can only be done if our audience has a good user experience.  We saw this as an extremely important decision for our school district’s goal for improving communication between the school district and all of our constituents.  This new app and our new school web page will be seamlessly integrated and both instantaneously updated.  We will notify you when ready.  Please continue to utilize our current webpage: until construction is completed on our new app and webpage.  Thank you!

•New Staff for the 2017- 2018 School Year

Each school year we have new staff that join the “Bulldog family.” We also have some staff that will be assigned new positions for this school year.  I am confident that we are very fortunate to bring these new staff into the “Bulldog” family.  I want to welcome aboard the following new and returning employees.  They are as following; Kathleen Carlton, second grade, Alex Conlon, 7-12 Math, Rachael Jaeger, first/second grade at Rhame Elementary, Rachel Pankratz, fourth grade, and Jacob Walter, K-12 Art.  Kyla Fischer will be switching positions and now will be teaching Kindergarten and Connie Gaebe will be our Reading interventionist.

Our teachers will be back on Monday Aug. 21, 2017 with our annual staff orientation day Tuesday Aug. 22.  The first day of school for our students in grades 1 – 12 will be Wednesday Aug. 23.  Our Kindergarten students will start on Thursday Aug. 24.  *School starts at 8:21 a.m., a four minute change due to time requirements mandated by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction.  I am very excited to serve the students, parents, community members in what will be another excellent school year! GO BULLDOGS!

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