From The Student Body: What I’m Excited, And Anxious About This Year

Shawn Sola

Summer is coming to an end once again, oh no! Time to start school for another year.

Guest Student Columnist

Last year I was in band class and I thought I wouldn’t like it. But I liked it so much I’m doing it again this year. In band, I play the percussion instruments such as bells, drums, and more.

What I’m anxious about this year is the new art teacher. Mrs. Moser moved, so I wonder who the new person is going to be.

I also wonder who my teacher is going to be. This gal, or the other gal, tough decision!

One lucky part of school is the lockers. When you go to a different class in another year, you’re assigned another locker, so your locker moves with you. Imagine having to walk down the hall a long way to get to your locker, exhausting, right?

This year, (this is going to get scary!) I’m going to be in sixth grade! One more year then I will be in Jr. High.

My favorite classes in school are math, science, history, and music.

Lunch, recess, and the computer lab are my other three favorite things in school. My favorite things to eat in school are spaghetti, meatballs, mashed potatoes, and pizza. Recess is a very fun time to play with your friends. Sadly, this is the last year my class can go to the playground. What I like to do at recess is to swing, play games, and sometimes climb on the monkey bars. Next year will be sitting in the halls…very, very boring! The computer lab is a fun time where we take tests and have fun.

I wish that in the school there was a pool. Pools are very fun and I like to swim. Also, bigger lockers to put more stuff in and have it so it’s not very cramped.

What I think of school is it is an enjoyable time to learn new things and hang out with friends all the time. Also, it’s a valuable time to meet new kids in and around the community.

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