VOICES: What’s the Financial Risk?

Significant Financial Risk to Bowman County: Proposed Wind Pinwheels (Turbines):

The promotion of wind energy projects is simply a political agenda, based on manipulated computer models combined with a slick advertising campaign.

Over the last one hundred years, the windmills that dotted our county were abandoned as antiquated, the same as the oxen & cattle that were no longer needed to till the soil.

Now we are in the 21st century and the city folks have arrived in our beloved Bowman County to spread the news.

•They have decided, they know what is best for us.


•We are supposed to believe the misdirected fluff?


•If these wind pinwheels (turbines) are such a good idea, why did Slope County organize and emphatically say, “No thanks!”

Bowman County residents are smart and will not be fooled.

A century later, after our grandparent homesteaded Bowman County, and then later abandoned the windmills, we know antiquated is antiquated.

Windmills/pinwheels/turbines, same function yet antiquated.

We all learned in our math class/statistics classes in Rhame/Bowman/Scranton:  random is random.

And, of course, we all know wind is random.

Many of you are curious, and will find the “Texas Law Review” article, “Wind Energy’s Dirty Word: Decommissioning”, by William S. Stripling of prescient interest.

Both Bowman County & the landowners could be financially responsible to remove the inevitable, defunct wind pinwheels (turbines).

Remember, the blades are fabricated of composite material and not recyclable.

How much of a financial hit can Bowman County and the landowners sustain?

What if the wind promoter goes bankrupt or does not pay it’s financial obligations (i.e. refer to last weeks’s Letter to the Editor regarding $1.4 million of Mechanical Liens: APEX & IKEA)?

What is the FPV (Future Present Value) for the total cost of complete decommissioning of all proposed wind pinwheels (turbines)?

Will the current promoter contractually (with zero escape clauses), place in escrow the

entire FPV to decommission the entire conglomeration of pinwheels (turbines), into the

Bank of North Dakota prior to any possible construction?

If not, is this project even financially viable?

If, however, this proposed project is on the up & up, there should be ‘zero’ hesitation to place 100 percent of the FPV for the entire decommissioning of all pinwheels (turbines) up front and squarely deposited into our State Bank of North Dakota.

Why take the financial risk?

Request several Bowman County Public Hearings to discuss & know the risks.


Linda Paulson

North Dakota native

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