VOICES: Bowman County, Voice Your Opinion Now

Massive Wind Turbine Project Proposed by APEX (private entity)
•Ask questions.
Insist all responses must be in written format.
•Mechanical Liens:
$1.4 million Mechanical Liens: placed on landowners.
APEX & IKEA: non-payment issue
Location: Vermilion County, Illinois
Do you want to risk a lien on your property, limiting your future options and lowering your credit worthiness?
•Kingfisher Wind: numerous legal issues….
$500,000 verdict on former mayor regarding Kingfisher Wind.
•APEX project (May 4, 2016)
Oil company, Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent Inc. lawsuit vs. APEX (March 19, 2015)
Location: Oklahoma
•Decommissioning Expenses:
Proposed 70-80 turbines expense to decommission: $70-$80 million.
Note: The majority of turbine components are not recyclable, nor can the components be salvaged.
(Decommissioning Reference: September 12, 2014 article, Bryce Martin, former Pioneer Editor, based on 2010 expenses to decommission wind turbines, located west of Rhame.)
Insist the entire $80 million decommissioning expense be deposited & held in escrow in the Bank of North Dakota, a financial institution domiciled in our great state, thus making certain the funds will be available for the eventual decommissioning, and not hit the Bowman County taxpayer(s) in the future.
Do you, the Bowman County taxpayer want to be responsible for the $80 million to decommission the proposed wind project? If the developer (APEX) and/or the buyer (whomever) skip the state, good luck!
Do not settle for any alternatives.
If the proposed wind project is not stopped, be prepared to sell your land and head out of Bowman County. Ask those individuals who regretted and sold too late in other North Dakota counties.
Act now!
Linda Paulson
(North Dakota Native)

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