Teigen takes job with Slope County

A 30-year tenure with the Bowman County Sheriff’s Department is coming to an end for Rory Teigen. Teigen handed in his resignation to the county commissioners at the July 18 meeting.
Pioneer Editor
Teigen joined the department in June of 1987, and took over as Bowman County Sheriff on Jan. 1, 1995 after he was elected in 1994.
“[The resignation] was a very difficult decision, because this is my home, always has been,” Teigen said. “I always felt like Slope County was my home too, it was just an extended part.”
Teigen told the Pioneer that he has accepted a deputy position with the Slope County Sheriff’s Department, that has it’s office in the Slope County Courthouse in Amidon.
The two departments know each other well, he said Slope and Bowman counties have always worked together in law enforcement, and he joined the force in close timeframe of Slope County Sheriff Pat Lorge, so they know each other well
“We all started about the same time,” Teigen said. “I’m familiar with his department, worked with his department, and vice versa, he’s worked with us.”
Teigen said he was looking for an opportunity that would allow him to slow down his work pace. He’s looking to retire in the somewhat near future and wanted to step back and give someone else the opportunity to take over as sheriff in Bowman County.
“I thought I’d just kind of slow down and let somebody else do this for a while,” he said.
Teigen will also be working as the Zoning Director with Slope County, a position he’s held in Bowman County since 1991. It’s a role he’s almost “too familiar with,” he said laughingly.
Teigen’s last day with Bowman County will be July 31, and he will immediately start with Slope County on Aug. 1.
He said he was very appreciative of his time with Bowman County.
“My biggest thing is [that] I appreciate every election I’ve had it’s been overwhelming, and people have been wonderful to work with, I have no problems with any of that all,” he said. “It’s a wonderful place to live.”
Teigen will continue to live in Bowman.
In the interim, the county has appointed Dick Frederick as Bowman County Sheriff effective Aug. 1. According to a press release, Frederick will serve in that role until a new sheriff is elected during the 2018 county general election. The release also says that Frederick is a 20-year veteran of Bowman County Sheriff’s Department.

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