Famed chef cooks for Bowman

Former celebrity chef Mark Anthony presented his healthy cooking habits at the Four Seasons in Bowman. (Pioneer Photo by Cole Benz)

A man who has catered for big names like Jack Nicklaus, Montel Williams, Styx, and Journey, was recently in Bowman to put his craft on display and share his story.

Pioneer Editor

Chef Mark Anthony—who began his career in the food industry, and worked his was up through the casino business in Las Vegas—took a turn in his life about 10 years ago. At the time he was over 300 pounds, and consulting with hospitals on their food service departments. As he spent more and more hours in medical facilities and conversations with doctors picked up, he learned that many people in need of hospital care were there because of dietary ailments, or ailments that could be prevented with dietary changes.

“That’s when I started changing my diet,” Anthony said. “I’ve lost 75 pounds now.”

Now he travels around the country to share his story, and spread his message on good, healthy eating habits.

The famed chef has presented in small groups like churches and hospitals and larger venues like two large universities in Texas A&M and Indiana University. He said his biggest year he booked 240 events, but usually will do around 200 per year.

“We get around quite a bit,” he said.

Anthony, a Seventh Day Adventist, was connected to the community through the local church. The Bowman Seventh Day Adventist parish was familiar with his work and booked him for the local demonstration.

For this particular event, Anthony was demonstrating how to make a cheese sauce out of potatoes and carrots, and how to make a salad dressing out of bananas.

But the overall message is the deeper part of the whole presentation.

Keep your body healthy, which is a big part of the Seventh Day Adventist’s mission.

“My job is really to inspire and motivate people,” Anthony said. “Try to get people excited about getting healthy. And then give them strategies about practical things that they can actually do.”

One strategy he talked about with the crowd at the Four Seasons included reorganizing your refrigerator. The purpose of this reorganization was to change the entire fridge into a salad bar, adding that you just need to rotate ingredients to give your salads some variety.

Another step to take, he suggested, was to reorganize a cupboard into an oatmeal station.

“You have to have a healthy environment if you’re going to get healthy,” he said.

Because of time, Anthony didn’t delve into to many details on how a reorganization process should go, but he wanted to display some changes people can make to vastly change their eating habits and improve their lives with healthier choices.

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