Jorgenson tallies 7 tackles, one catch for 6 yards in SasKota Bowl

Bowman County graduated senior Brayden Jorgenson recently participated in the Canada-North Dakota football game SaSkota Bowl. The following are comments from North Dakota team Bryan Haugen:

“The kids played extremely well in a very hot and humid day. Our defense in the second half completely took over the game. The Canadians threw the ball a lot and our defensive backs tend a tremendous job covering. We were able to throw and run the ball on offense by rotating players in and out. Our offensive line did a tremendous job protecting the QB and also in run blocking. I would like to thank the players for coming here for a week and giving up part of their 4th of July to play in the game. It is nice to see 18 year old young men can be respectful and thankful. I had a tremendous amount of people just around Cando tell me how good the players were when we had them out and about in town. I would like to thank the parents and fans for supporting the game. I hope it can continue.”


Scoring by quarters

ND – 7-14-14-6—41

SK – 7-14-0-7—28

Q1: Jayden Komrosky(North Star)-28 yard run, Komrosky kicked extra point-good

Q2: 18 yard pass from Komrosky (North Star) to Kolton Jesz (Kenmare), Komrosky

kicked extra point-good; Komosky 2 yard run, fumbled into the end zone, fumble recovered by Talon Thompson (Mohall) for the touchdown, Kaden Olson (Ray) kicked extra point-good.

Q3: 38-yard pass from Komrosky (North Star) to Shane Forster (New Salem),

Komrosky kicked extra point-good; 15-yard run by Devin Dugdale (North Star), Komrosky kicked extra point, good.

Q4: 7 yard pass from Komrosky (North Star) to Statler Olson (Mohall), Komrosky kicked extra point-no good.

INDIVIDUAL STATS: Jayden Komrosky(North Star)-1 TD, 4 PAT, 8 carries for 58 yards, 17 of 26 passing for 206 yards-Named Offensive MVP for Team North Dakota; Talon Thomson(Mohall)-6 carries for 21 yards; Devin Dugdale(North Star)-7 carries

for 42 yards; Matt Huber(Center)-3 carries for 16 yards; Kolton Jesz(Kenmare)-10 catches for 121 yards; Shane Forster(New Salem)-2 catches for 50 yards; Talon Thompson (Mohall)-2 catches for 15 yards; Statler Olson (Mohall)-2 catches for 14 yards; Brayden Jorgenson (Bowman)-1 catch for 6 yards; Statler Olson (Mohall)-10 tackles; Kolter Schell (Towner)-9 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, two interceptions (one returned for 56 yards)-Named Defensive MVP for Team North Dakota; Cole Bethke

(Towner)-7 tackle, 1 sack; Brayden Jorgenson (Bowman)-7 tackles; Matt Huber(Center)-5 tackles; Shane Forster(New Salem)-4 tackles; Jayden Komrosky (North Star)-4 tackles; James Thompson (Kidder County)-3 tackles; Trevor Mehlhoff (Shiloh Christian)-3 tackles; Kolton Jesz (Kenmare)-3 tackles; Logan Key (Midway)-2 tackles; Marshall Leroy (Central McLean)-2 tackles; Talon Thompson (Mohall)-1 tackle; Larry Beston (Dunseith)-1 tackle.

It was a hot, humid day and both teams were battling with the heat.  Team

North Dakota came out with a strong defensive third  quarter, holding Team

SK to minus three yards of offense.

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