Thank You To All

From when I was first diagnosed, to the second time getting diagnosed, I never imagined the amount of outpouring support, love and generosity from my family, friends and Bowman county! The only thing that was in my mind was, “Never give up, no matter the trial or tribulation; and to always put God first, because He has a plan for my life.” I would not have been able to get through all the rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, bone marrow transplant, and the hundreds of set-backs without everyone by my side and silent prayer warriors!! Therefore, thank you to our family, Cole and I are beyond thankful and grateful for EVERYTHING you have done for us; we are completely blessed with the family God has given us. Thank you to our friends, for coming all the way to Rochester when I felt like having visitors, and for those friends that donated, called/texted, and always thought of me. Thank you to the generous and thoughtful people of Bowman County; you all have opened your hearts, prayers and thoughts to a new-comer and made me feel extremely loved! Thank you to SWHC and Thrivent for all their generosity and for the benefit that was held in my honor, and for all the continued prayers! Thank you to my rock, my caregiver, my everything, Cole; you have expressed so much love and compassion for me it is unreal! You have seen me at my absolute worst and loved me through all my trials with cancer. Thank you for loving me through it all, everyone! Also, thank you to all the healthcare professionals that listened, talked, healed, and offered a gentle hand/word when I needed it most. I can never say Thank-You enough to everyone for the endless love, support and generosity I have gotten through the past 3 years. God Bless!!

From Shelby Johnson

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