Bowman golfer makes ace at Medora

It was an ace-in-the hole. Bowman senior Jacob Boehm hit what many avid golfers hope to do at some point in their life, a hole-in-one.

Jacob Boehm

By COLE BENZ | Pioneer Editor

On May 6, Boehm—a member of the Bulldog golf team—tee’d up on hole No. 12 last in his group of four that included Nate Boehm, Parker Krebsbach, and Andrew Narum. He said he had to battle through the wind, and though normally he would have used his seven iron to drive the 173-yard distance, he decided to pull out his five iron. And the drive was good, he said.

“It felt pretty good, it was a nice solid contact,” Boehm said. “I think it was a really well struck ball.”

He had someone watching his ball as he drove, and watched it sale towards the green. But when the group approached the fringe they couldn’t find his ball. So while he looked for his ball, others continued the pace-of-play and putted around. That’s when someone found his shot, at the bottom of the cup.

“Oh I was overcome with joy,” Boehm said. “I was jumping up and down like a little kid.”

This is first ace, he said, and he has been golfing for a long time and began to take it more seriously when he entered junior high and began playing competitively.

Boehm still has some golf season left in his high school career, with regionals and state coming up. But his round in early May this year will forever stay with him as one of the more important days in his golf career.

“It was a good experience,” Boehm said. “And an awesome milestone.”

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