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Steeke, Bartholmy win state SAE grants

Scranton FFA members received SAE grants from the ND FFA Foundation for the 2017 school year.

The ND FFA Foundation offers 15 beginning and 15 expansion grants to FFA members who have a started and want to expand their SAE. SAEs are supervised agricultural experiences that are dealing with owning your own business, placement which is working for another business or exploratory which you are exploring career options.

Kaitlyn Bartholmy and Abbi Steeke each earned $1,000 each from the ND FFA Foundation to begin and expand their SAE projects.

Bartholmy plans on purchasing breeding stock and electric fence to help manager her already seven head of goats.  She is very involved with the lambing, kidding and management decisions that go along with raising her goats. Bartholmy is the daughter of Roger and JoAnn Bartholmy of Scranton.

Steeke is using her money to expand her Steeke-science fair project and help to pay for the expenses that occurred throughout her project.  Last fall she placed 40 CYDRS in 46 ewes along with giving PG 600 shots to increase the lambing percentage of her ewes.

Through her Agri-science Fair project Steeke has learned that her hypothesis was wrong so far, but as she explains she is still lambing and anything could change.

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