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ELECTION 2016: County race gets smaller; landslide victory in school board election

A closer look at the primary election results.

Pioneer Editor | bmartin@countrymedia.net

If primary votes are any indication, incumbent Bowman County Commissioners Rick Braaten and Pine Abrahamson might have carved out a solid path to re-election.

Though much could change in five months.

The two commissioners received the highest number of votes out of the 10 candidates running for county commissioner in Tuesday’s primary election.

With three positions open on the board, it will likely be a close contest in the Nov. 4 general election as to which candidate would fill the third seat, vacated by retiring Commissioner Bill Bowman.

Braaten and Abrahamson earned 795 votes and 538 votes, respectively. They join candidates Jerry Jeffers, Dave Anderson, Bruce McLaughlin and Chris Johnson as they move on to the November election.

Candidates Brandy Getz, Margie Becker-Russ, John McGee and Dale Palczewski failed to amass enough votes to proceed past the primary.

In another contested race, for the Bowman district representative on the Bowman County School Board, voters made a clear, majority decision.

Tobiann Andrews received 692 votes as her opponent Jennifer Jahner received 330 votes.

“Success comes from working endlessly,” Andrews said Wednesday. “I’m humbled and grateful to have this opportunity. I will work endlessly to better the Bowman County School District.”

Voters didn’t seem as confident, however, when deciding whether to change the Bowman County State’s Attorney position from elected to appointed by the county commission.

The measure, which appeared on all Bowman County and city ballots, was defeated in a narrow 633-566 vote, keeping the position as elected by the public.

One of the predominant write-in contests was for Bowman City Park Board, which had two seats available but no official candidates. There were no clear majority winners, though there were a total of 102 write-ins.

Bowman County Auditor Sandi Tivis said that no winners from the park board race would be decided until the election is canvassed and the results made official, scheduled for June 20.

Another write-in race, for the Rhame City Council, was filled by Neil Eagon. Eagon had the second most write-in votes after Pam Getz, who declined the position.

Eagon will join Tina Eagon, who ran on the ballot unopposed, on the Rhame council.

A total of 1,257 residents cast their vote in the Bowman County primary election, which Tivis said was a good turnout for a primary election.

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