LETTER: Wind power lacks reliability; Money goes to foreign investors

turbineWind power suffers from an important disadvantage that prevents it from ever becoming a dominant power source for the industrialized world in which we live.

Wind is intermittent, thus it requires another, more reliable source of power, such as nuclear, hydroelectric, or fossil fuel.  All of these forms of power must be available to pick up the slack when wind drops.

The power produced by a wind turbine relates to the cube of air speed. If the wind drops in half, the turbine’s output is cut by a factor of eight. And if the wind dies completely — well, you already know the answer.

No matter what, wind absolutely requires conventional power in order to operate. These wind projects leak energy, the farther they are positioned from the conventional power source.

• Why pay for a stopgap system that leaks power?

• Why give private wind industry investors massive PTC (production tax credits), and back door IRS tax credits that directly add to our exploding Federal Deficit of $566 Billion (2016)?  As we know, all of these credits are part of the Clean Power Plan, an egregious overreach that will result in an increasingly unreliable power source.  The recent closing of the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant, Wisconsin was an outcome, which will result in unreliable power for ratepayers in that region.

• In 2010, wind energy received 42 percent of total federal subsidies while producing only 2 percent of nation’s total electricity.  Would you make that investment in your business?

Folks, the Federal Government is reaching into both your life and your pockets.

• The Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University found that as of 2010, 84 percent of total clean-energy grants awarded by the federal government went to foreign owned wind companies.

• Folks, ask yourself, do you really want your tax dollars that pay for these wind project developments to go to foreigners?

• Ask the wind developer. You want to examine ‘all’ of their financial and management books?  Why are they privately held? Why do they register each wind project as an L.L.C. (Limited Liability Corp.)?

• If they refuse, to open their books, ask yourself, why? Are they hiding something?

The wind company is asking you to trust them.

Think about it.

Ask yourself.

Have you called ‘all’ of your elected leaders?

What is their position on these important issues?

I encourage you to go online, sign up for the online updates from ‘all’ of your Federal/State & local elected officials.

Invite your Federal elected officials to a Bowman County Town Hall meeting, and invite the public, including your neighbors in Slope County/Harding County/Fallon County and adjacent counties.

Ask your elected officials lots of questions. Your Federal officials are on the forefront of what North Dakota is facing and what you can do about it.

Your neighbors in adjacent counties have experienced rate increases of up to 19 percent. All of you deserve to know.


Minneapolis (former Bowman County resident)